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Passing the baton (New GO)

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  • Passing the baton (New GO)

    As with all great things, my run as Gaming Officer is coming to an end with ArmA. It has been a fantastic and rewarding time supporting and playing with all of you. When I came on board we started to transition from ArmA II to the current version and with that a focus on more defined CoOp style play. This was my second time being at the helm and due to all of you it was much more rewarding and satisfying this time around.

    I took the title over from Unkl over a year and half ago, After he stepped down and caught his breath, he truly realized what a great community we have here at TG. Like me, he wanted a second crack at the direction and leadership spot so with that he is now back in charge. He has tons of great ideas know where he wants to take the game here at TG. Make sure you all show him the same great support you did me.

    Don’t worry about me, I may be old but I am not being put out to pasture or keeling over and dying. Instead I will be working Site Admin duties to support the greater TG needs. Plus I need a break from ArmA, there is not enough drama and problems for me I need to regain my title as the “BanHammer” around here!!! :icon_bigg

    I will definitely see you all in-game…
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    Re: Passing the baton (New GO)

    Thanks for steppin up again Unk , though you were really never out of range


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      Re: Passing the baton (New GO)

      Thanks for all your great work m8!


      Canadjun, eh?


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        Re: Passing the baton (New GO)

        Many thanks for your time.
        Why do I bother, this is becoming a habit for you ;)

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          Re: Passing the baton (New GO)

          Major relief knowing UNKL is going to be GO again.

          Thanks for your time C.

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            Re: Passing the baton (New GO)

            Passing the baton is a perfect way of putting it C. Like partners in a race - I'm going to run the same lines, cross the same finish line. Nothing is really any different. Just the number on my stinky shirt. It was great kinda coasting there for a while. Needed that. We all do sometimes. Nobody really knows how much work gets involved in running the admin team - until you do it. Having a second chance is very much appreciated.
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              Re: Passing the baton (New GO)

              Sadly haven't been around for much of your stint C but thank you for all the hard work and time.

              Once again, outstanding news Unkl. I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing my favourite corner of the internet is in the safest of hands.

              Shiny side up TG.




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