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Shooting from vehicles tactics, testing and talk

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  • Shooting from vehicles tactics, testing and talk

    Did some quick testing on what is possible while in shooting seats:
    *Firing primary weapon, sidearm and grenade launcher attachment is possible.
    *Throwing grenades is possible ("What just took out our wheels?" "It was me trying to access the vehicles inventory" yay!)
    *Using binoculars, laser designator and rifle optics is possible.
    *Firing rocket launcher is not possible.
    *Planting explosives is possible in vehicles on the ground.
    *Planting explosives is not possible for vehicles in the water. I did however not test watermines.
    *I was unable to test planting explosives in airborne vehicles in singleplayer.

    Some more things to test:
    *Test if velocity is inherited for shots. (Tested: Yes)
    *Test planting watermines in boats
    *Test planting explosives in helicopter. (Tested: Possible)
    *See if explosives planted in helicopters will just teleport or drop straight to the ground or inherit velocity. (Tested: They just teleport to the ground :( )
    *Test if friendly fire is possible on people in the vehicle and the vehicle itself (Tested: Not possible to shoot the vehicle one is in or its occupants.)
    *Test if it actually is possible to plant mines while moving (only tested stationary) (Tested: possible)

    It makes sense that you would be able to drop explosives out from a vehicle, but i am concerned about the realism of it in some cases:
    *Dropping explosives airborne (if possible) and it does not inherit velocity properly or just teleports to the ground.
    *Dropping claymores, SLAM mines, AP mines that need careful setup from vehicles. I suspect they would unrealistically be all set up in a way that is not possible from moving vehicles.

    Dropping explosive charges and satchels however makes sense with realism in mind and could be fun, maybe even some AT mines... Although dropping armed AT mines from the back of a moving truck might be technically possible it would in no way be safe :)
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    Re: Shooting from vehicles tactics, testing and talk

    There are two things missing from this update:
    1. You can't shoot from the passenger seat of a quad-bike.
    2. You can't hang from the skids of a Hummingbrid with an AR blazing away for super dramatic extraction ops.

    In summation, I eagerly await the "Chuck Norris Update"

    More seriously, after some testing I think FFV is a good addition in terms of adding immersion. It just makes senses that you can fire from the front of an assualt boat or the benchs on the hummingbird. You aren't going to want to make a habit of it, because you have no protection in either of those positions.

    Also to answer the question about Friendly Fire to people IN the vehicle or the AT the vehicle yourself. I tested all the vehicles with FFV position and you can NOT aim your gun at any other passanger seats or poriton of the vehicle.


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      Re: Shooting from vehicles tactics, testing and talk

      Can someone test if rounds fired from the skids of a moving Little bird follow the expected correct curve from the vehicle at the point of firing. They should arc and you would have to adjust your point of aim accordingly. A simple straight run in the bird with a linear series of targets at 45 degrees should do it, obviously using tracers will make it easier to judge. Thanks, very excited about the update.


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        Re: Shooting from vehicles tactics, testing and talk

        I realised i could easily test a bunch of things easily with zeus.

        About friendly fire it is as you said Noyava. Your aiming area might be decreased if you get a guy sitting next to you so you cannot hit him.
        Found a spot on the rib boat, the middle seat, where it was possible to fire on the boat. The bullets passed through no damage.
        Also found a spot where i could shoot on another soldiers rifle in the hummingbird. The bullets passed through and they do not normally do that with rifles in hand.
        Basically there is no friendly fire on the vehicle you are sitting on, except probably explosions.

        I tested the curved bullets Wicks, they do indeed arc or rather inherit the velocity of the vehicle. Which is nice. Using a Zafir with tracers in that position was awesome!
        Playing with the GL i found it very hard to use from a littlebird, since its low velocity rounds was particularly affected by the inheritance.
        I noticed something weird when playing with the grenade launcher in a helicopter. The friendly fire immunity do not apply to 40mm smoke grenades, they can collide with the rotor of the little bird for example.
        Decided to test with hand grenades, smoke and HE. They too bounce of the rotor of the helicopter.

        Got a chance to test the explosives in helicopter as well. As i feared they work as if you are on the ground at the spot the helicopter is above and are all planted like normal...


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          Re: Shooting from vehicles tactics, testing and talk

          Awesome thanks Potatonator, can't wait to test this myself!


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            Re: Shooting from vehicles tactics, testing and talk

            Placing explosives from vehicles does seem broken in its current implementation.

            I like the idea of being able to toss a satchel charge from a moving truck. But it should be really hard to do that accurately. As stands now, it's trivial to drop an explosives as you drive. And from a helo straight down is just silly :)

            Imagine Flying a Taru with open harnesses seats (which are all FFV enabled) over an objective at max altitude and placing 20 satchel charges from the sky... That's just game breaking.


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              Re: Shooting from vehicles tactics, testing and talk

              Broken indeed

              Let us instead imagine a taru with 4 Zafirs instead :)
              Or the FIA truck. Since it has 10 FFV seats, 5 on each side, i hereby declare the FIA truck the best truck in the game.


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                Re: Shooting from vehicles tactics, testing and talk

                The FIA flat-bed truck filled AR troops chucking hand grenades as it drives by.... Best use of FFV :)




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