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  • Happy Thanksgiving TG ARMA

    We here at Tactical Gamer are a global community. Obviously the American players outweigh the non, but these are numbers that do not matter when the definition of our community comes into the spotlight.

    In the USA we have a holiday called Thanksgiving that has its roots in a major controversial historical happening. Most of us in the States know that the story of Thanksgiving is pretty much as believable, with respect to the way it is presented to us, as any other historical holiday that offers its roots in the misty distance of the past.

    That being said, culturally speaking, Thanskgiving in modern America, sans the shopping cynicism and insanity, has come to represent a time when friends and family get together and recognize what they are thankful for, typically while eating.

    My fiance and I host a thanksgiving potluck on the actual day of thanksgiving and invite those of our friends and family who do not have anywhere to go. This may be because of distance, or weather, or any reason for that matter. While we are not religous people, we do take a moment and let people say what they are thankful for and hopeful for before we eat.

    Here at Tactical Gamer, I've been a player, an ARMA admin, a Pathfinder, a TGU Instructor, and a former leader of the ARMA Irregulars Platoon. All of these things are an honor for me and I know that there are places where I could have done better and certainly could have acted differently.

    Having related that to the community, I would like to say that all of that would not be possible without the community. This group of gamers and philosophers has become a second family of sorts to me. I realized recently that without all of the gamers that we call TG Members, none of this would be possible.

    Tactical Gamer is a powerful statement, right up there with the term 'Honor', in my book, and it is in this community that I find the most satisfactions. Not the game itself, not the mods or lack thereof, but the people with whom I've spent Countless hours either leading or being lead by.

    Today, from the Windy City of Chicago in the great state of Illinois, I wish you all a happy ThanksGiving and a good portion of my own personal gratitude shall always be reserved for the outstanding memebers of the Tactical Gamer Community.

    Thank you all for giving us such a great place in which to flourish, grow, and develop levity.

    He who fights alongside me, shall be my brother.



    TG for life.

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    "An infantryman needs a leader to be the standard against which he can judge all soldiers."

    Friend of |TG| Chief

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving TG ARMA



    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.



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      Re: Happy Thanksgiving TG ARMA

      OHH YAH!

      May your turkey be juicy, and your food coma peaceful!


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        Re: Happy Thanksgiving TG ARMA

        Cheers D!

        I don't play ArmA, but I feel the same way about the TG Community.

        Happy Turkey Day everyone!
        "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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          Re: Happy Thanksgiving TG ARMA

          Gobble gobble day to you all

          TGU Instructor TG Pathfinder

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          "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold


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            Re: Happy Thanksgiving TG ARMA

            Dimitrius , thank you. Feel the same way but you said it better than I could.
            The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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              Re: Happy Thanksgiving TG ARMA

              I raise my turkey taco and tequila to that statement


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                Re: Happy Thanksgiving TG ARMA

                TG 4 LYFE

                Happy Thanksgiving, and may we all have many more.
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