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  • Getting back to TacticalGamer

    Hey guys!

    Come January I'll have lots of time until July. I'm thinking about joining an organized group focused around ArmA3.

    Seeing that I played with you some years back and had a very good time I would like to look at my options for joining you again.

    Is there some sort of application that I need to do (couldn't find any info on the forums)?

    Is the community active in regards to ArmA3?

    Do you play during hours that work for Europeans?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Getting back to TacticalGamer

    Hi Jesper, I'm currently living in the UK and there are a number of other Scandinavians and Europeans that play on the server.

    There are often random pick up games during the week (normally somebody jumps in and others trickle in to follow) as well as regular event nights, typically Tuesdays and Sundays. We currently have two servers - Tactical Strike is set up for small scale, rapid, infantry focused missions - its ideal if you only have a little time to play. Server 1 has a more "combined arms" set up, although still infantry focused, with a range of missions from 6-8 players up.

    Best thing you can do is hop on teamspeak when you are available to play and give it a go!


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      Re: Getting back to TacticalGamer

      Thanks for the reply mate!


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        Re: Getting back to TacticalGamer

        Hello. I try to get games going almost ever week day between 1800-2200 GMT, work schedule permitting. We usually end up with 6-10 people. If you use Steam you can send me a friend request (same steam name, Noyava) and I'll be sure to send you invites when people start playing.
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          Re: Getting back to TacticalGamer

          Thanks! Come January I'll start looking for you guys.

          Looking forward to it!


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            Re: Getting back to TacticalGamer

            TS is still the best way to connect with games. Heck, get on Server 1 and start it up. If more people did that they'd spend less time searching and more time gaming. Just saying.

            Anywho, welcome Jespernilsson and hope to meet ya in game later in the week. Watch for the event post for this Sunday and possible arty training to be posted for Sat night in preparation of this weeks event!
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