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  • The medic-bug

    I have done some testing on this now and i can recreate it 100%
    I did not keep track of the exact number of times i tested things but it was about 40-100 times per possible cause and a little more stuff.

    The medic can almost do nothing! Tested this a little and what they can and cannot do is consistent with a medic still treating. (can "loot", can't enter vehicles or open doors)
    So it seems the game thinks the medic is still treating forever. Only way to get rid of it that i know is for the medic to get a new character that is not stuck by respawning or rejoining the game.

    How to recreate:
    1: Load up zeus (this is a vanilla bug, i tried it without mods or scripts)
    2: Place in a couple of medics.
    3: Take control of one medic and shoot another medic or unit non-lethaly. (i shot them in the leg if that matters)
    4: Start treating the wounded soldier, while treating rotate like CRAZY, several full rotations and keep spinning all the time.
    5: You should now have the bug afflicting that medic.
    6: Take control of another medic and observe the bug only affects one unit.

    The likelyhood of the bug occurring increases the faster you spin it seems so if you dont get it try again and spin faster. If you spin as fast as i did it will pretty much happen 100%
    The likelyhood of this bug happening while not spinning like crazy is big enough that it is very annoying and plausible to happen in a normal game.
    When treating and not rotating at all i had no bug occuring.
    Freelooking around like crazy does not trigger the bug. Because of this holding down the freelook key while treating may be a good way to avoid the bug as then you cannot rotate and still can look around as you want.

    I also did some testing on what i earlier believed to be the cause, players walking around while getting healed, by doing as above but instead treating a soldier with waypoints that as walking around. I could not recreate the bug like this except a few times which may have been due to me accidentally rotating a bit, so its probably not the cause but the testing was not done well enough to completely rule it out.

    oh by the way this bug is now two years old, now it is just potentially game ruining due to how easy it can occur.
    I cant post URLs but you can easily find it by googling "arma 3 rotating medic bug" or go straight to arma 3s feedback tracker website and looking up ticket:0021783
    Maybe someone should make a new ticket and put severity very high?

    Things to test i just thought of now:
    See if other units than medics can get this bug.
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    Re: The medic-bug

    I got this bug as you know last night. We were playing Tactical Strike and being the only medic it ruined the mission when I couldn't heal you guys. Anywho, knowing this should help if we remember to remind our medics at mission start how to work around this issue.

    GG's by the way....looking for more today.
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