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Op Brute Force - Execution Plan

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  • [INFO] Op Brute Force - Execution Plan

    Operation Brute Force
    Island 9

    The mission is to take out several enemy positions and strong points across the eastern side of Altis. We are expecting to remove an Anti-Air emplacement (designated Objective Cat), a bridge chokepoint (designated Objective Snake), eliminate an enemy officer in command of a Quick Reaction Force (designated Objective Cheetah), and take out an enemy radar station (designated Objective Pigeon). The latter two objectives are far north so we expect further tasking as we proceed.

    Enemy forces and strength are estimated to be a couple squads at most at any known position. Intelligence is scarce and the mission recon has been delayed due to assets being used elsewhere. We will be using UAV/UGV and aerial recon in real time to determine enemy positions and strengths.

    We have 2 squads infantry with a small HAT team, UAV/UGV support, 3 man logistics, 3 pilots, 3 man medical. There a variety of ground vehicles, air transport and some armour assets for this mission. We also have several places to deploy from which will give us a lot of flexibility as we move around this large area in a short period of time.

    The terrain will be varied. The eastern side of Altis goes from large steep rolling hills in the south through flat lands, wetlands, salt flats back to gentle rolling hills on the north east. Since there will be many stages to this mission the CO will brief each team as they embark on each stage.

    Mission brief is slated for 0500hrs (in-game) which is 13 hours from this brief. Roll-call will begin at 1845 Zulu (real-life). All units will review their roles, weapons and unit readiness prior the brief. Chow will be completed 1/2 hour before briefing. Light levels will be low at mission GO and the sunrise will hamper all views to the east and create large shadows to the west.

    No civilians are expected in the AO. However, as per normal unit SOPs, avoid any contact with civilians and only engage if armed and are fired upon.

    Draft Execution Plan
    0515hrs (local time)
    All unit leaders will have been briefed and will have 15 mins to prep their unit kits, vehicles and supplies. Both Alpha and Bravo will have an attached medic, UAV/UGV Operator. 2 Logistics operators will be assigned with Bravo and the Transport Leader will be in the command element. One pilot will be assigned a dedicated air transport role and will have a medic in tow for emergency medivac.

    The first two objectives will be Objective Cat (AA station) and Objective Snake (The Bridge). Alpha will lead the mission off and be responsible for Objective Cat and Bravo for Objective Snake. This will constitute Phase One of Operation Brute Force.

    Phase One
    Alpha will deploy at COP Xray (187102) except the UGV Operator who will transport from FOB Zulu.
    At 0530hrs Alpha will move through Alpha Waypoint 1 (AWP 1) at grid 195104 and on to set up an Listening Post/Observation Post (LP/OP) on Hill 82 at grid 195107 and report in. They will move their UGV operation in the UGV from FOB Zulu to AWP 1.
    Observe Hill 149 at grid 188117 for signs of enemy patrols in preparation for Alpha's upcoming assault on this position.
    Secondary task is to observe the MSR to the east as Bravo will move to BWP 1 at grid 203111 from their deployment at FOB Zulu.
    Alpha will secure this position until Bravo has cleared BWP 1 safe for their vehicle assets to move to them. The signal will be a green flare launched by Bravo towards the west from BWP 1.

    Alpha will assault Objective Cat at the SL discretion.
    Once Objective Cat has been destroyed and swept clean Alpha will proceed north-east along the ridge line to AWP 6. Their objective is to keep any enemy reinforcements for Objective Snake from reaching their destination from the north MSR.
    Alpha will then also move their UGV into positon at A-UgvOP5 to provide additional intel and overwatch for Bravo's attack on Objective Snake.

    Bravo will deploy at FOB Zulu (207072).
    By 0540hrs Bravo will have a convoy prepared and move out from FOB Zulu towards BWP 1 (203111) with the following vehicles; one Hunter HMG, one HEMTT Covered, one Panther (with 2 logistics crewmen in driver-gunner). Movement will be slow enough to allow Alpha to reach AWP 1 prior to Bravo approaching BWP 1.
    Once Bravo has cleared their staging area at BWP 1 they will fire a green flare towards the west to allow Alpha to continue mission.

    Bravo will then prepare to approach Objective Snake as per the following suggested approach.
    Bravo will deploy their UGV at B-UgvOP3 (203116) in overwatch.
    Bravo will dismount and move their infantry through the town of Chalkeia to approach BWP 2 (201117).
    Bravo will assault Objective Snake at the CO's discretion.
    If Objective Cat has been declared clear by Alpha then the CO may authorize the use of CAS from FOB Zulu.
    Bravo will have the use of the Panther for any measures they see fit as long as the Transport Crew deems the risk acceptable.
    The Panther crew will report to Bravo for operational orders during Phase One but has ultimate responsibility for their vehicle's safety.

    Once these two objectives are completed then Nato will have an open supply line for air and ground forces towards the north. Command will reassess the plan after Phase One and prepare Phase Two.
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