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BlackHawk Recon - Sunday, February 22, 2015 - 1900Z - OPORD

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  • [INFO] BlackHawk Recon - Sunday, February 22, 2015 - 1900Z - OPORD



    Date: Sunday, February 22, 2015
    Role Call/Slot Selections: 1845 Zulu
    Mission Go Time: 1900 Zulu
    Venue: server (How to find)

    Ghost Hawk Recon

    Our base Southeast of Vikos has come under attack recently from insurgents dressed as AAF troops.

    The team will assemble at the temporary base setup just outside of Neochori (Initial Drop). Transport will be available to move troops to the airport just South East of Therisa where two Ghost Hawks are stationed and gear for the men will be available. There is no known enemy presence in the local area to the airfield.

    Ghost Hawks will be on station as will the necessary armaments and tools to complete the mission.

    The base at 123088 is to be secured and the threat in the hills to the South West of the base are to be cleared of enemy presence.

    Once the mission begins a FOB will be established at the airfield (Redeploy) along with a heilo repair and re-armament pad that engineering will setup for your team.

    The weather has been unstable for the past 48 hours. Low clouds and light fog are accompanied by rain and wet conditions.

    CAUTION One of our Littlebirds has been taken out by enemy AA fire in the AO. Commanders on the ground should secure from AA threat for all air assets. Use UAVs and ground troops to secure from threats.

    SPECIAL CO Contact command (MadSoloSniper) for detailed briefing prior to the mission

    Unknown force hidden in the hills South of our base that appear to have AA capabilities.

    One downed heilo pilot in the AO
    No other friendly units will be on station for this mission.
    CAUTION civilians live in the area and are friendly to NATO troops. Do NOT engage any friendly civilians.

    Command has authorized two Ghost hawks to recon the area, find the threat and eliminate it. A secondary task will be to recover the pilot if you can complete the task in the 1.5 hours that command has allocated for the mission. Commanders are advised to use ground troops to eliminate the threat as the heilos are to be returned undamaged to the airfield for further deployment.

    • Secure the base at 123088
    • Clear the threat south of our base near Vikos
    • Rescue the downed chopper pilot

    The team will assemble at the Airfield East of Therisa where two Ghost Hawks are stationed. Darter recon will be available once the team gets to the airfield.

    Two Ghost Hawk heilos
    4 Darter UAVs UPDATED
    Team equipment for loadout will be on the field

    Redeployed troops will come from the airfield East of Therisa and required heilo transport to the AO




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