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  • [INFO] Most exciting moment ever?

    Hello everyone i would like to post about one of the most exciting moments i have had in Arma 3 in a long time. So lets start from the beginning it started with me and Ramna doing a small mission where we had to kill a Sargent and recover a briefcase, when we first infiltrated the city we came into lots of contacts and we shortly realized that Ramna's 9mm sub machine gun was way to OP ;). After a few firefights Ramna had to leave so i decided to continue on with the mission with some help with Ramna getting me going. So after he left i continued up the street and was eventually dropped and while i was dead 16 enemy soldiers started to move up in my position and thanks to Ramna i respond at my body and the enemy for some reason didn't detect me so i proceed the light them up with my 7.62 machine gun and dropped about 7 of them and continued in a firefight for about 2 minutes killing the other 8. This was one of the most thrilling events i have had because of the amount of enemy's i fought and the excitement of just spraying with a machine gun the amount of fire i shot at them and the continued firefight was just amazing and created a lot of fun im very glad this little mission went down as it created a blast for me. Anyway after my ramble i thought it might be cool to here about other peoples epic moments so if you have any feel free to post them below. :)

    Thanks to Ramna for making this possible.

    Also i have some screenshots on my steam profile if you want to see some of the after action.

    So everyone please post some of your greatest moments. :) we would love to here them!
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    Re: Most exciting moment ever?

    Oh man... One of my favorite recollections dates back to 2006 on Sahrani. TG used to run a mission in ARMA I that was like Domination. Capture the cities etc. We had lots of interest and the server had high volume traffic at this time. Sessions would run for hours and we had a steady and competent stream of talented Platoon and Company commanders managing the battles. Most were server and TG regulars. One session I still remember today for the numbers involved, the complexity of the operations and the teamwork and esprit d corps. We were fighting on the NE corner of the island, there was an airfield there and operating in a robust combined arms environment. Choppers, jets, arty, infantry, special ops and snipers. At the end we rallied on airfield for a photo and then flew back to the main base in a large convoy of transport and attack helos with a number of vehicles in sling. There must have been thirty of us, all on Team speak and of course while we were RTB someone started playing Flight of the Valkyries ala Apocalypse Now. The commanding officer was my own in house squad leader Jon Canavar and under him I led one of the infantry platoons. I mean it was just that memorable here I am thinking about all these years later.

    Another ARMA I memory I just love is an organized TVT event we did called Obregon Gap. We had about 50 players split into two teams and the mission was objective based. We had to destroy a bridge and then occupy a town. We took turns on the attacking and defending roles and each was timed at 60 minutes. It was a planned scrimmage with pre mission briefings, command and control strategy sessions and finally the missions themselves. At the time we were running many of our missions with iron sights only and limited technology like Javs and the like. Bare bones infantry and mechanized infantry combat against actual people. These sessions became for me the standard by which all tvt should be measured by in the future. No snipe fest here just lots of capable people in small unit action against live enemies.

    I ran for a while with the remnants of the 1st MIP in the 22nd SOR (before we's a long story). We were led by a somewhat eccentric Englishman who was a big rally and racing fan. Neal was his real name and Black________somthing in game. He took the realism aspect over the top at times but we were into it and one of the things I loved about this time was our penchant for running night missions with no nvg's. We'd practice for hours on comms, formations and small unit stealth operations. Hostage rescues under the nose of the enemy became a fun specialty for us. There is no one moment here that stands out but Black_______ did create a mission that called for rescuing of a downed pilot with limited comms. The pilot's location was random each time and we had to track him down in enemy territory without alerting the bulk of the enemy troops or the pilot would be caught. We did this as a tvt a couple of times too where we had a live pilot, live rescue group and live enemy on the other side. Those were some damn fine missions.

    It's funny you know...the gameplay and mechanics are so much better now than they were when ARMA came out. We crashed all the time back it the day. But maybe because it was so new and different but my epic memories seem centered around Sahrani. ARMA II and ARMA III have been great too. And there are some of those moments....the long patrols on Server 2 in Takistan for instance. The epic Carrier based missions we used to do off the southern coast. all have been great but it's the early memories that stick out the most for me. I should get back to it with the current ARMA group and create some new ones on Altis...Great thread...lets here some other epic memories.
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      Re: Most exciting moment ever?

      Those sound like they would of been some awesome events to participate in thanks for sharing. :)
      I agree with trying to get some started




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