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Wednesday April 1st Game's by |TG|Connor

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  • [EVENT] Wednesday April 1st Game's by |TG|Connor

    Hello everyone on Wednesday April 1st i will be attempting to host some game's on the server one from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time we will be playing some of the built in missions unless we can get somebody on that knows how to use the MCC i have some interesting idea's in mind if you can join please do jump on the Teamspeak Server and the Game Server and hopefully we can get some fun games going. I would love to get as many people playing as possible and hope that we can get some epic moments going thank you to all who show up and if you can't no harm. Thanks.

    P.S If there is anyone who can help teach me how to use/ setup the MCC that would be really helpful as i would like to start making some missions for us for Sunday or Tuesday or when we are just playing at a random time. Thanks!

    Sorry for the late post.

    FYI 8:00 AM = 1500 Zulu and 4:00 PM = 2300 Zulu
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    Re: Wednesday April 1st Game's by |TG|Connor

    8:00 is surprisingly early... I can't be bothered translating that into my own timezone but I think that'd be around 1300Z if im right... I should be there for a few hours
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      Re: Wednesday April 1st Game's by |TG|Connor

      Nice to see this from the player base.

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        Re: Wednesday April 1st Game's by |TG|Connor

        If possible and i can get enough players on i would like to try the mission COOP 42 Enemy Assault as it looks like fun so if you can join please come on :).


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          Re: Wednesday April 1st Game's by |TG|Connor

          Thanks for starting this up Connor. I don't know if I can make it (RL ya see) but I sure wish I could. Will see how things go and I hope you get a great turnout.
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            Re: Wednesday April 1st Game's by |TG|Connor

            Marathon of a game with 6 hours of serious fun. I forgot the greatness of Enemy Assault mission. Action packed Wednesday for me.


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              Re: Wednesday April 1st Game's by |TG|Connor

              Ok there's to thing i want to talk about first thank you to everyone who played today i really appreciate it huge thanks to |TG| B who was there with me for the whole 6 hours as well as Noyava who was there for just about that it was alot of fun today and im glad we could get those missions going ill definitely be trying to host more game's.

              For the mission its self we did a lot it started with just me and B trying to complete three objectives we were able to succesfully complete one and were on our way to evac when a lovely attack heli came along and said hello :) after this Noyava joined and we went at it again with some handy AA and eventually we took out the heli.
              Later on when we had about 7 guys on this enemy transport came along and ended up lading 2 feet from us and 25 men got out and we lit them up however another enemy squad came along and everyone died except for B who eventually got us all up.
              After that a couple people left and it ended up being just Me, B, Noyava and MajS we went into a town and took along time trying to find a hostage and ammobox we couldnt find the ammobox but found the hostage and were able to attempt a extract however this rock that we dont know how got put there ;) but it destroyed our heli while noyava was flting however B was not in the heli yet so he healed us and then we left in 2 vehicals and while on the road a jet strafed noyava and B truck and blew them up so me and Major had to Kill ourselves.

              So all in all it was great and i had alot of fun hopefully soon i can learn how to use the MCC and can make more fun mission's for the server.

              Thanks to all who came.


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                Re: Wednesday April 1st Game's by |TG|Connor

                I keep having flashbacks to being in this shack on the first objective. We had fought down a hill from rock to rock to this shack. We needed to cross 100m south to where the enemy was defending a brief case of intel. I don't know what was in that case, but they did not want to give it up. We fought for what seemed like hours as truck after truck of enemy reinforcements arrived. We were running out of ammo and had been pinned down by fire from three sides for awhile. We had no choice but to make a rapid retreat. I dropped my NVGs (it was noon! Why did I have these?!), rangefinder, empty pack, empty launcher, anything I could to run faster and longer. We all popped what smoke we had, fired our last rounds of covering fire, and ran for the trees. We hadn't got 10m when an HMG ripped into us and what was left of B went down in a heap. Conner was on the radio yelling for me to run. At the base of the hill I took a richocet in the leg and developed a fatal limp. Conner left me in the dust. I manged to move tree to rock to tree for another 20-30m under constant fire before taking another hit. I could barely stand, but I crawled on, hoping against hope to make it to the nearby defilade. I never made it.

                I think today gave me PTSD. Thanks Conner!




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