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What do you like most about the new DLC?

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  • What do you like most about the new DLC?

    For me it's not the new rifles or the new sniper suits. It's the new functions. The group manager looks like it can turn into something this game has needed since like forever. So many tiny improvements like Rudolf noticed the map can actually stay in your group channel and put a marker on the map in Side channel now. I've noticed small features like this that escape me now but....what is your favorite things you've noticed?

    edit: Ah yeah...the AI suppression effects and the weapon resting!! Huge deals for me.
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    Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

    It is the little improvements that I've been enjoying the most. I have to hand it to BIS for putting some work real work into the game engine and not just selling DLC that is just assets/skins.

    In order of greatness (IMHO):
    Ability to keybind number keys 1-0 and F1-F12. Finally!
    weapon resting
    Map Markers,
    server browser improvements,
    AI tweaks (how they react to supressive fire)
    Mk-1 EMR

    (all other rifles are no use to me so they go way down here).


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      Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

      In order?

      Weapon resting, bipods, AI changes, new modules

      Weapons aren't that interesting to me but I'm not a fan of sniper play in Arma3 and my modpacks have generally had MMGs I've needed.


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        Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

        Weapon resting and suppression. Those two mechanics move this simulation one step closer to satisfaction.

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          Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

          The weapon resting and bipods are good but could also be achieved through some scripts. The things I like the best are the little things improved weapon handeling, the sounds, the vests, the suppression and many more. It makes the game feel more like a complete game (mumbels something about von [pun not intended])
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            Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

            Weapon resting and bipods are great additions. Even though many mods had those functionalities, having it in vanilla game is awesome because we can rest/deploy weapons on unmodded servers. Even with mods, the good thing is that it will always work the same (same keys, same icons etc.), regardless of what mods/scripts you use. I did not have a chance to really test the suppression system yet, but it sounds nice.

            On the hardware side: I love the SPMG (NATO .338 machine gun). Despite it's heavy weight and low rate of fire, it can be used in many different roles. I like to put the AMS scope on it, because it works great at all ranges and has good magnification. The ability to attach the suppressor is nice, but it is not always recommended, because it increases muzzle velocity therefore flattening the flight path of the bullet and messing up the elevation setting on your scope (e.g. for a 1000 meter target you have to set the scope to 900). The only problem is the weight of ammo, but if you are not planning on prolonged suppressive fire, 5 belts should be enough. And with careful gear choices (don't even think about PCML) you can stay under 70% weight.


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              Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

              What I like . . . . . Is that it starts the dialogue all over again . . . good, bad and ugly, and after all it's what we all have fun with when we're not "pew, pew, pewing" . . . . . ;-)

              Two cents:

              a 338 MG???? . . . . . sorry but Whaaaa????? Here's an idea, let's take a long range accurate ballistic bullet and mess with the cartridge (so it is not compatible with any other bullet on the field - that is what the Norma Magnum is) and make it into . . . into what??? . . a long range highly accurate MG??? The concept of "highly accurate" and "MG" are mutually exclusive terms. The MG is a suppression weapon, and at the cost of those bullets (weight and fundage) again, to what end??

              In theory it bridges the gap beyond the 7.62 at 1100 without the weight cost of the 50 I get that, but I'm not sure the logic makes sense.

              So now we will have 5.56, 7.62, 50cal, AND 338MG - oh and 338Lapus (408Chey for ArmA players) for the snipers who aren't using the 7.62 or the 300WinMag. that's a lot of bullets to stock, manage and pull logistics to make sure everyone is flush when sent into the field.

              Not to mention that 100 rounds of 7.62 weighs in at 7 lbs and the same number of the 338 NM's comes in at 9 lbs (that's a 28.57% increase). So, in a 500 round kit that's another 10 lbs just to get the same number of bullets down range (or in the 7.62 world another 150 rounds available to carry)

              If the goal is stopping power then just boost the squad to all have 7.62 carbine platforms (interchangeable rounds) and give the MG the same round type in a belt fed or canister round. All of the troops will have similar stopping power (boosted from the BB size of the 5.56 round) and at similar ranges, AND have interchangeable rounds.

              If the goal is to "reach out and touch someone" at a longer range (and this has merit) then equip them all with 408 Chey's and let them snipe to their hearts content. . . . No, I'm not suggesting that as it's crazy, but then again so is a 338 MG which is in effect the same thing . . .can you say "Suppressive sniper fire" . . . . LMAO

              At the end of the day the 338 is a nice "new" round that General Dynamics brought to the table to try and win a government contract, but to hack a sniper bullet to make it into a "sniper MG" . . then I say Whaaaa??????

              Ok, maybe more than 2 cents . . . .Just MHO

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                Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

                Originally posted by MadSoloSniper View Post
                The concept of "highly accurate" and "MG" are mutually exclusive terms.
                Ummm... what? I shot Browning M2 at 1500 meters in single shot getting first round hits on man-sized targets with iron sights. I was a brand new private, the gun was old as hell, the ammo was probably older than me, but I still managed to hit every single one. Obviously it was on a range, but that is the best environment to test the gun rather than the shooter, and the gun performed flawlessly.

                Firing full auto is more tricky because of the recoil, but if you have a stabilized platform (e.g. Bradley IFV/CFV) you can fire rounds as small as 7.62 at ranges exceeding 1000 meters with laser-like accuracy. Just use bungee cords to keep the weapon mount from rattling :)


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                  Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

                  True, but there is your point. . . . One round (or first round) . . . If I'm not mistaken the first 50 sniper types were MG's that were fitted with scopes, but again they only squeezed off a single round within that firing cycle (ala “sniper” shot; not “MG” shot). I get the concept of a carbine platform long range gun (though even THAT concept is somewhat counter-intuitive) but to introduce a long range MG is just another way of pushing back the troop engagement. In RL I get it, but what is BI going to do now, give us AI that are “head shot accurate” at 600M?? Are multi-player engagements now going to be fought at 800M?? And also to your point, in a “Full auto” scenario a couple of MOA (MIL for you who shot that way) at 1500M is going to be two foot plus off target (and I would venture to say that with recoil that it would be double digit MOA / MIL we’d be talking about not just a couple). . . . I'm just not getting what BI is thinking and who is "helping" them with their selection . . . and I haven't even talked about the "new" sharpshooter platform . . . maybe in another post.


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                    Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

                    I think it is about versatility. Imagine a situation where you are playing TvT and your team has a .338 MG. That first-round long-range kill may only take out one of a dozen, so they asses the situation, deploy smoke and try to advance, thinking it is just a lone sniper. But when constant 3-5 round bursts go through that smoke they immediately get pinned down. If they somehow make it closer, you just increase intensity of fire and make them hug the dirt while your assault element flanks their position and closes the distance.

                    Of course, you can do that with a well positioned 7.62 MG, or even a "light" 6.5, but the stopping power of a larger cartridge is always devastating to the enemy morale. Even with heaviest armor in the game it only takes 1-3 rounds of .338, compared to 2-5 of 6.5, so a quick advance is much more stressful for the enemy. It makes them more prone to mistakes, or, conversely, much more conservative in their actions. Either way, you can use that to your advantage.


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                      Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

                      I like having a heavier, but more portable, machine gun for infantry weapons squads. The .50 cals with their thermal scopes and massive either, high or low, are both overpowered and inflexible.

                      The SPMG and Navid can take down MRAPs (with an element of surprise) and knock down helicopters with ease. They can ripe through walls that stop 6.5m rounds. The long range give a squad a way to return fire on snipers too. In short they up the firepower of infantry squads.

                      Far more useful than another sniper rifle to a game that already had three tiers of marksman rifles.


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                        Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

                        But they add one anyhow, with an unrealistic barrel length (waaaayyyy too short for the bullet type), fully case it in a tac handle (why????), and point to the wrong bullet in the promo image (its a 338 lap - three to the left - not the 12.7x54) and the "new" scopes are just as "not" realistic . . . . . but enjoy that 338 Norma Magnum 14" barrel for your "long range" MG . . . . LMAO . . . . . sigh, it will all be fun, just not nearly what I was expecting.

                        So, Noyava . . . you're saying we don't need to kit out with AT anymore?? . . . cool . . . . . ;-)

                        Edit - PS - now we have a sniper MG . . . even cool-er . . . . lol . . . . ;-)
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                          Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

                          Solo, I realize it's been awhile since you've been in game and all but surely you recall that AT is short for Anti-Tank, NOT Anti-UpArmored car/helicopter ;p

                          So someone still has to carry around 70-80Lbs of rockets +launcher. The good news he won't be alone when he falls behind the squad because the AR will be just as heavy!! :)


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                            Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

                            LOL . . . and I'll be right behind you shouting to keep up . . . . . ;-)

                            You know I miss it . . . . . sigh


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                              Re: What do you like most about the new DLC?

                              I was goofing around with the new toys and they were kinda fun. The recoil on that SPMG is insane even when prone with bipod.

                              I'm not sure if it's the new DLC or not but it seems body armor does its job pretty good now, chest shots at 500m+ was barely doing 10% of their health with 7.62 rounds. I'm glad they added bigger guns if that's the case.




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