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Having trouble finding server I can play dots everywhere...

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  • Having trouble finding server I can play dots everywhere...

    I can't find any servers to connect to. There's pages of them in the server list but the vast majority all have red dots beside them and I can't seem to find out what these red dots mean other than the obvious - I don't have a specific mod installed.

    This is what is confusing.
    I disabled all 3 of my mods and I did manage to find a couple of servers running vanilla that listed the following..
    Zeus (have)
    Karts (don't have and probably wont bother with)
    Heli's (don't have but will soon)
    Marksman (don't have but will soon)

    One server was green and the 4 DLC's had green dots beside them.(2/2 playing on it)

    One server was red , and the 4 DLC's had red dots beside them.

    I disabled all my mods (3 of them..CBA , JSRS and Blastcore) before starting the game. I've run the verification through Steam. I'm at a loss as to what all the icons mean beside the server name and why I can't find one to play on.

    Any ideas?? Txs

    I was getting an error form the server that the CBA was signed but the server didn't recognize it.I thought I had removed it from my start line. In fact , as I was using an external manager (ArmA3 Launcher) the Steam launcher was still launching CBA and other mods. Once I deselected the mods in the Steam launcher , all was well and hardly any red dots at all.Guess that's how to do it form now on.
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    Re: Having trouble finding server I can play dots everywhere...

    Glad you solved it. The arma launcher and steam seems to enable mods if the mod was just subscribed too. I made a preset with no mods enabled so I can quickly reset back to vanilla for this reason.




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