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  • Enemy Assault - updated

    Hey gamers,

    B just updated Enemy Assault. Looks like some fun changes indeed!

    Mission is up on the Custom Coop/Mature Teamwork ArmA 3 server.
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    Re: Mission Submission Thread

    sounds like some good changes that will open game play up a bit. I liked the restricted roles when we had a solid team on but if we didn't it was very hard to make progress.
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      Re: Enemy Assault - updated

      This looks like fun! Really excited to try it out soon.
      Mmm... smoke grenades.


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        Re: Enemy Assault - updated

        Played a little bit as a test. There is a real sense of danger when rifles start going off. Machine guns pose real danger as they one-shoot you dead. Firefights with small arms are so much more fun. No longer, one shots which take you down as incapacitated. I definitely dig this setup. Revive bogged us down quite a lot and very often. But open for feedback.

        Oh, those tent camps are very important now. What you select in the Arsenal will be with you when you respawn. No more MHQ.

        Is it me or is there less juice for the COOP server nowadays? Insurgency server plays pristine for me while COOP server def has less FPS.


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          Re: Enemy Assault - updated

          I enjoyed the no revive, I think it forced me to focus on better tactics.

          In my experience the time "out of the fight" was about the same, as long as Halo jumping and respawn tents were available, as with a revive system. But instead of laying "dead" on the ground awaiting revive you spent the time transporting yourself back to the fight. Personally that kept me just as engaged in the game, and kept me from falling to the trap of carefully spotting enemies when I was down. I know we don't call out targets when we are down, but I know *I* can't stop myself looking around and see where that mysterious shot that got me came from, and I inevitably carry that knowledge forward when I'm revived.

          The only downside I can think of is a possibility of the team getting spread out between the respawn and the objective. We didn't have enough players on to see how what kind of logistical nightmares that might cause. I know people we couldnt revive on Enemy Assualt in the past sometimes faced serious transport problems. The removal of the chute requirement for Halo should alleviate that.
          Mmm... smoke grenades.




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