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Swifty Repo Testing for TG Insurgency

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  • [INFO] Swifty Repo Testing for TG Insurgency

    NOTE: Swifty is not required to play on the TG Server nor will it ever be.

    What is Swifty?
    Swifty is application designed to download and launch mods for you easily.

    Why would I want to use Swifty?
    Because the thought of downloading mods and installing them manually makes you unhappy.

    How do I use Swifty?
    I thought you would never ask. I'm going to walk you through it.

    1) Download Swifty
    2) Install Swifty using Admin creds if UAC is enabled. If you don't know if UAC is enabled, right click on setup.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
    3) Run Swifty for first time again as Administrator. Right Click "Run as Admin" again if UAC is enabled or you don't know.
    4) Swifty main interface will pop up. Click Add Repository
    5) Press Import Button
    6) URL will come up. Enter and press Import.
    7) Tactical Gamer Insurgency will be created. Couple things can changed on this screen. You can change where it loads Addons into if you don't want My Documents. You can also add "-nosplash" to startup parameters for quicker Arma3 startup. Press Save in any case to commit the change to Swifty. Swifty will now head to main screen and scan the repo. Note, Swifty ignores any addons you have installed previously because it doesn't trust anyone.
    8) The play button will switch to Orange and Tactical Gamer icon will get dark with download icon ontop of it. Press Download Icon to be taken to download screen and press download button. Swifty will begin download files. Server it uses is pretty fast. ONce it's complete, it will switch back to main Swifty screen. However, Play button will turn Orange to Green to confirm it's ready to play.
    9) Hover over the play button. You will see two options "Launch" or "Play" Launch will launch Arma3 with mods enabled but not do anything. "Play" will launch Arma3 and try and take you Insurgency server. Note, you will get a warning about BattleEye not being enabled. Agree to Enable it and let Arma3 relaunch you into the server with the mods.

    Why won't Swifty launch Battleeye?
    Because there is bad configuration/bug happening. I'm working with Swifty Developers to fix the issue but workaround of letting Arma complain and fix it is small price to pay for not having to screw with anything. When Swifty sends an update out, it will fix it.

    Help! I'm having issues.
    VAST VAST Majority of issues are caused by two things. AV attacking TFAR files and Swifty not being run as Administrator. AV I can't help you with and run Swifty as Administrator before saying it's broken. Also, It's possible that Swifty will not move TFAR files into Teamspeak directory. Helper should quickly see that.

    I'm an independent person and don't need your Swifty.
    Then don't use it. It's not required.
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    Re: Swifty Repo Testing for TG Insurgency

    This looks interesting. Thanks Rabbit...will take a close look tomorrow.
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      Re: Swifty Repo Testing for TG Insurgency

      Was testing with Rabbit last night and we had success.

      Neat tool. Makes Six look like crap.

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