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Game Officer's Update - Jan 2016

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  • [INFO] Game Officer's Update - Jan 2016

    My plan is to offer up a monthly update on how we are doing support wise. I put this in my calendar a couple weeks back and was surprised that I got my notification so quickly. I hope the holidays were good to everyone. The last few weeks have gone by far too quickly for myself but there has been some significant developments within our ArmA world I'd like to update you on.

    First, thank you to all who have renewed, upgraded or began your Supporting Memberships over the course of the last month. Thank you to those who also put up donations towards the costs of keeping the lights on. I can't speak for Apophis but he has indicated that there will be more site wide information coming from him soon and that, "...we are in a much better place."

    I have been keeping a watch on how we have been doing within our game and I'm pleased immensely. Some of our newest members, who were in their first week with us when the announcement regarding our future came out, are already supporting members! I would begin to name names but it is very likely I'd miss someone and that would not be fair.

    We have trimmed down to only 1 instance and frankly it has been an inconvenience but has not done anything to hinder our growth in the last month. Our players generally were playing on either the Custom Coop Missions server or the Insurgency instance anyway so there is little consolidation actually happening when one was sitting empty. Still it has been a change, and one that has impacted the choices available and some flexibility. It's been well worth the trim to be sustainable going into this new year.

    I guess that brings me to my last thoughts to share. We have learned some very valuable lessons over the last month and have solidified as a community around our core values. This is very very good. TG has created a particular brand of community and ethos in how we game and treat each other and I'm proud that we have more of you folks that find it important enough to chip in on the costs. I do foresee growth continuing in the near future as we keep traveling down this path. The in-game action, forum posts, TS attendance, and SM increase in the last weeks are doing very well. In fact, his growth trend had started before Apophis' announcement for those who did not notice.

    Lets see what we can do with that in Jan 2016. I see possibilities that are well within the reach of the next month as we make these elements pop. Thanks for all your contributions in-game, for missions, forum posts and everything.
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    Re: Game Officer's Update - Jan 2016

    Good post and good update. We've been lucky to have some very good game officers for ARMA. Big C and Dredge come to mind of course and I'm sorry but I can't remember who was doing that role before them...At any rate your leadership has been equally stellar. Calm and steady and just enough WTF moments to bring the right urgency in at the right time. It's not easy leading a game title for an open community but you are doing very well by TG and the ARMA community in general. Thanks for that to you and of course to the TG site admins that enable that to happen. Looking forward to another great year at TG ARMA.
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      Re: Game Officer's Update - Jan 2016

      Thanks as always, to the Administration team and Unkl for keeping this title rolling.

      Let's keep this roll going and grow and grow. :)

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