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  • [GUIDE] Limited Penetration Breach

    A couple of us were practicing our breaches after the Adv. Inf. Course, and I brought up this relatively new (at least to me) idea of the limited penetration breach. Wicks already has a great post of how it works over in the "Squad" forum here:

    I encourage anyone who's interested in MOUT/CQB and room-clearing to give this a look. There's lots of video so it's nice and easy. Enjoy.

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    Re: Limited Penetration Breach

    This method is especially effective in AmrA where (generally) there is no reason to blitz a room and no cover/concealment inside the room.
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      Re: Limited Penetration Breach

      As long as the AI/Players inside of the building are unaware of the breach, any breach works fine by me. But you can't move around stealthily in ArmA outside of buildings (quiet stepping) which means the AI will always know you're coming to breach (being prepared to shoot instantly on entry), so I generally see this method as the only one. Of course we could always do a MOUT mission with suppressors and quietly walk around practicing these breaches and see if it works that way, maybe the AI will be unaware in every building we breach then.
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        Re: Limited Penetration Breach

        This is certainly another tool for the toolbox. There is a time and a place for each tool. Entering and immediately going to your corner is sometimes the best when you do have someone right behind you. I've seen too many players stop in the fatal funnel thinking they had cover and end up choking up the door in a clump on the floor. So, it's a judgement call.

        Whatever judgement call we make it's not about "how do you fight the ai in this game". It's what would you do with these players if it wasn't a game (besides turn and run lol). I try as much a possible to remove the AI thoughts from my head and sometimes give them more credit than they deserve. Sometimes I'm sure I make decisions based on their limited behaviors but I do try to consciously removed that from my thinking when I become aware of it.
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