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Game Officer's Update - Mar 2016

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  • [INFO] Game Officer's Update - Mar 2016

    Wow a month goes by fast! We have had a bunch of cool things go on in the last month and we have a bunch in the works for the month ahead.

    You guys have been going to town especially on Tactical Tuesday’s but also on spontaneous nights as well. Great to see the turn outs and the AAR’s!

    Since the last month's update we have not had anyone post up a sign up to instigate any Operation Dragnet type events through the forums but they have happened on the fly. I’ve met several new folks over the few games I’ve had this week and we are happy you have come back.

    One of the tools I’d like to use to entice players back is a continuation of the persistent mission but that must be on a second instance. As I stated in the last update I’d started one up but our server home proved to be a little shy of handling it. No matter, we will get there and in the meantime we tried an experiment with the one instance last week by turning on persistence during the Steam sale on ArmA 3 last weekend. Unfortunately due to a bug where players spawned in as seagulls we had a lot of players attempting to join us but found it very difficult. Still, we had great rounds and a good turn-out which was sustained for the two days.

    One of the concerns we were dealing with last month was the call for fresh content. We got a good start to that with some new misisons and then the new 3D editor was released in the Eden Editor. This has generated some interest in editing and it also lengthened the development time due to learning to use a new tool. Still, our editors have been refreshing old content and bringing in some new. Here are the new submissions since my last update.

    In another move regarding content we have added [MENTION=136198]Cody[/MENTION] and [MENTION=30401]LowSpeedHighDrag[/MENTION] to our list of approved Real Time Editors (Pathfinders). This is a great way to keep a new spin on already pre-made missions as well. In fact, we are discussing to create a set of Zues missions likely called the PF Series. Pre-made scenarios with the mission essentials already done up such as the ammo boxes, some pre-loadout gear. Anyway, simple scenarios just the bare bones so that your Zues will cook up the rest “on-order” so it’s different every time.

    So now, going back to paragraph three, I’d some thoughts on that concern that came up about content and seeding. All you need to do is get on and play. Those who watch the TS channel waiting for someone else to start up a game are doomed to wait. If you want it, you gotta build it. We have a full time server doing part time work and we have players spread around at least 10hr time zone differences. Sometimes I hear about leadership being an obstacle to starting up.

    In that light, also Tactical Gamer University is putting the final touches on a really great Basic Leadership course! Expect a post up by the mid-week! Taking work from [MENTION=45442]bolagnaise[/MENTION], LowSpeedHighDrag and [MENTION=50907]Garthra[/MENTION], we are amalgamating a top notch course that will prepare leaders for the tactical know how and a background primer on how leadership works to build a great server. Our leaders are really what create the experience here. The rest is the foundation. No matter your experience level, I guarantee this will be a course you will gain some great stuff from!

    On another note, I tried one more experiment yesterday by turning TFAR and CBA off. I will repeat this experiment again to judge the results properly but the initial experience might indicate that it had little impact. Thank you for your patience in the test. I am concerned if having mods enabled is resulting in players skipping past us in the server browser. I know there are lots more like minded players out there that are looking for us!

    To sum up, the last month gave us some fundamental stuff to deal with as a community. Mission makers are responding such as B updating the Enemy Assault series that he custom tweaks for our particular bent. Real time editor tools are redeveloped and we have more editors. We know you just gotta play if you wanna play. Great community building takes great leaders and we have a top notch course about to be released!

    See you in-game.
    |TG-189th| Unkl
    ArmA 3 Game Officer
    Dean of Tactical Gamer University
    189th Infantry Brigade Member
    "We quickly advance in the opposite direction and take cover in a house on the SW side of town." - BadStache

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    Re: Game Officer's Update - Mar 2016

    Thanks for the update and looking forward to getting some fresh new faces in our server(s)!

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