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Encouraging YOU to take the basic leadership course.

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  • Encouraging YOU to take the basic leadership course.

    As we all know, our sessions would be worthless without proper leadership and a command structure in place to ensure direction.

    TGU has a basic leadership course that is a perfect fit for the beginner who is interested in stepping up to lead a few men. Even if you are not sure of your capabilities or are fightened to look foolish in front of your peers, remember that every one of us has been there and we will encourage and assist you in your development.

    TacticalGamer has no shortage of players and that is great, but in order to ensure we have the ability to manage those players in a way that they expect and deserve, we need more leaders.

    If you are interested in taking the basic leadership course, hop over to this link and sign up. Everyone is welcome and we have an outstanding team of TacticalGamer University instructors who will be running the event.


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