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Custom Coop Missions Server - Persistence Policy

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  • [INFO] Custom Coop Missions Server - Persistence Policy

    We have decided to return to our previous policy of disabling persistence on this Arma 3 instance. This should have a few desirable effects.

    1. This should encourage playing a variety of content on our server. We have more mission makers each day and we should take full advantage of this.

    2. Persistent events are going to be scheduled events where we will be creating AAR on the forums and their by taking full advantage of the opportunity to play longer missions even if you can't be on at the same time as the big group. But these will be compressed into defined times or dates so that we can maximize the impact to the community. With out this we seem to be watering down both our shorter missions being used and spreading the long term missions over time frames where they lose the impact that comes from them being an event.

    The change has been made on the sever config for Custom Coop Missions.

    The Long Play Missions server is currently still set to persistent and is running Liberation as default atm.
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