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Erwin/Schrodinger's Return.

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  • Erwin/Schrodinger's Return.

    Aaaand the cat came back, the very next daaayyy... ...Or one year three months and 5 days...

    Hey everyone. I have returned retired from the navy and settled into a cosy home for the time being, and am ready to rejoin the ranks of the irregulars. Figured this would be the best official way to make it known I'm back. I appreciate all the condolences and patience with my transition, including but not limited to Dimitrius, UNKL, and my "Battle-Buddy" Tully. Glad to be back guys and gals, glad to see everything is running smoothly.

    With this I do have a few questions; I had to reinstall arma3, so all of my mods and whatnot are gone.

    Is there still a list, or an individual available that could enlighten me on all the mods that we are currently running on our servers? I vaguely remember TFR but I'm not sure if we may of traded it for a different program or expanded upon it to meet our specific requisites.

    The second question is the new ARMA that is being released. Apex Assault. Should I purchase this now? or wait until it is actually released and bugs have been worked out? I'm worried that if I purchase it, it will cause issues with joining the servers due to client file differences... Considering me dimitrius and a few others spent a good 30 minutes trouble shooting my TFR only to find out that my anti virus was deleting a file and saying nothing about it... I'm a bit concernicus about ARMA's file structure =3.

    Third and final question is more directed toward the overseer of the Irregulars... May I pick up where I left off and rejoin the ranks?

    (Forgive me if this isn't the proper place to post this, my goal was not to create turbulence, but to avoid messaging 27 people with the same message and simply make one main post.)
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    Re: Erwin/Schrodinger's Return.

    We are going to launch Apex as soon as it is released tomorrow.

    We are only going to be running TFR starting tomorrow.

    And glad your back buddy!
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      Re: Erwin/Schrodinger's Return.

      Congrats on your Navy retirement & welcome back.... Now go get a job!


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        Re: Erwin/Schrodinger's Return.

        Erwin. I'll respond in detail when I have the chance but for now, your status has not changed in the Irregulars, meaning, your rank is still active and it is good to see you again.

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          Re: Erwin/Schrodinger's Return.

          Welcome back Erwin, I hope to see you soon on the server.
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            Re: Erwin/Schrodinger's Return.

            welcome back, and get the APEX fullstop.

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