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  • Retiring from Arma

    As of today I am officially retiring from the Irregulars and Arma, the only multiplayer PC game I have ever played. Arma is my game and TG is my home and I want to thank all those that I have been in the field with me over my years here. I was a late bloomer, coming to pc multiplayer in my middle 60's with Arma and TG, who just wanted to be a grunt, following orders and helping my team mates. I was not much at being a leader as I did that in RL in the Navy for 24 years which sometimes caused me to be loudmouthed and overbearing in the forums during the turbulent years here and for that I am sorry. The slowing of faculties that occurs with aging, eye-hand coordination, sight and hearing are making it harder to play as each year passes. You gotta know when to fold em' and just say thanks for the memories, so again thanks to all for the many, many hours of great fun and brotherhood here at TG Arma. I will always have an eye in the TG foums

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    Re: Retiring from Arma

    Sorry to see you go Chief, and hope you'll at least hang around the forums. I can only hope to still be at this when I'm your age :)


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      Re: Retiring from Arma

      Chief, you're welcome to keep your Irregulars status for as long as you like and you will always be the Chief on any boat I happen to helm.

      We butted heads pretty hard when we first met each other, but like many of my other friendships at this community, I would never have known how good of a friend you could be had we not gotten our differences out of the way first. You've been the best example of a grunt I can remember leading and it's always been enlightening listening to your history in the Navy and the stories you have brought. We've been on the ARMA 2 Alpha servers together, and you're one of the few left who remembers what it was like during the Bravo days. Ill never forget that.

      I must also point out that you're one hell of a graphic artist. I owe my Avatar and several sig pics to you and I have each and everyone of them saved.

      You will always be relevent here Chief, regardless of how much time passes.

      I wish you luck on your boat as you slowly set sail for the sea...

      And may the wind be at your back.


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        Re: Retiring from Arma

        Hey Chief,

        Only played ArmA with you a few times, and reading your posts and the replies told me that you were 'regular Navy'. During that time, I noticed there was a certain behavior among those here towards you whenever you were on board that which raised the bar 'so to speak', from the fast and loose crowd of some other gaming groups. (Which can be OK and fun once in a while..)

        Your presence and demeanor on TG servers will be missed, Chief.

        "Wishing you fair winds and following seas."


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          Re: Retiring from Arma

          I haven't been around ArmA TG much these past years but always been lurking these forums from time to time.

          Just thought I'd drop by and thank you for all those solid rounds we had back in the days. You were and are still to this day a great guy in whom I have a lot of respect.

          The TG ArmA community is loosing a solid member. I wish you the best in life, and I hope our path will cross again here on the forums or on TeamSpeak if you choose to still hang around.

          Goodspeed and farewell Chief.


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            Re: Retiring from Arma

            dam, It's been an absolute pleasure to have been able to play with you going way back to my first foray in arma. Hopefully you'll pop in every now and then to teach us young wippersnappers some manners!


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              Re: Retiring from Arma

              It is a real pleasure to know ya Chief and we can always count on you being a straight shooter with the experience to shoot well when you do. Or perhaps more appropriately, there is very little use of baggywrinkle on Chief's cables :D

              Hope you still visit us on TS and so forth now & then if you are not up for the game. Anchor's away Chief, but your berth will be here regardless.
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                Re: Retiring from Arma

                It has been a pleasure playing with you Chief, every time you were on the servers there was a good vibe around you, always something funny or interesting to say. I wish you the best and I hope to see you on the forums and TS.
                |MPL TRACE|


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                  Re: Retiring from Arma

                  I'll sincerely miss our times in the virtual world, and your way with words. To me, it was mostly the 'ups' not the 'downs' as you have generously mentioned. That I recall the most.

                  Once a Chief, always a Chief.

                  wanna play a round of chess? *sniggers*

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                    Re: Retiring from Arma

                    Sorry to see one of the "Icons" of TacticalGamer taking off like this but I understand the reasons. I started PC gaming mid 50's myself and to grunt the hills and valleys with Chief was and honor and privilege. Going to miss you Chief and will always remember the good times we had. Whenever I think of TG I have your Avatar in mind. You have permission to go a shore.


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                      Re: Retiring from Arma

                      It's not goodbye my man it is see you later. Always a place for you here. I hope you pop in on TS now and again just to BS around a bit.
                      ARMA Admin (retired)
                      Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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                        Re: Retiring from Arma

                        Chief you will always be one of my closest friends from TG. You have always kept my course straight and true and I knew I could always turn to you for advice when I needed it. I will miss you bunches my friend, fair winds and following seas Chief. Catch you around the smoke deck ;)


                        KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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                          Re: Retiring from Arma

                          Thank you all for the kind words and for wishing me well. Health wise I am doing fine, working on painting the interior of my house and doing those things one has to do to get your home ready to go on the market. Downsizing to the things that we really need for a two person home has become more than a chore, it is a demon. That is my lot in life at the moment but I will be around now & then checking the forums.


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                            Re: Retiring from Arma

                            Was a pleasure every time Chief,

                            Stay nimble


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                              Re: Retiring from Arma


                              Gosh haven't seen you in years but heard about your post here. As Sarge said you are one of the Icon's of TG. Just want to extend to you a hearty handshake and a brotherly hug. Much love sir :)





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