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Tac Tuesday Games and the little things

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  • Tac Tuesday Games and the little things

    Some great games tonight on the TG Arma 3 server, thanks to Noyava and the Admins for running the show and thanks to all the players for some really enjoyable and tactical play.

    I'd like to reflect on some of the really good stuff I saw tonight, dissect it and discuss why it's hugely important in terms of effectiveness.

    Actions on contact - stuff that matters.

    One of my lifetime obsessions and something that is sometimes lacking even in good squads, is effective, tactically sound, actions on contact. That is the employment of proper shooting techniques, comms and movement/movement discipline. (This stuff is hard to do at times and I have to constantly work on it myself).

    Movement, Communication and Neo Impressions

    A huge 'mistake' many players make as soon as lead starts flying is to almost completely forget they are operating as part of a group/squad. Survival instinct and the desire to 'attack' the enemy in the most direct manner possible becomes overwhelming, even for the most experienced players. This leads to what can somewhat accurately be described as 'single player campaign mode'.

    This generally entails erratic movement, weaving about attempting to dodge bullets, breaking cover and sprinting to the next hard cover to prosecute an attack without communication (and the arrangement of suppression from team/squad mates. For obvious reasons this is problematic and woefully ineffective both individually and for the squad. In terms of the impact on the Squad this is a breakdown of comms, tactics and cohesion and nullifies the inherent strength of the Squad. Essentially the Squad devolves into a collection of individual entities with a loose collective goal, as opposed to a cohesive mutually supporting unit.

    Erratic, poorly communicated movement removes guns from the fight as the errant trooper runs in front of squad mates forcing them to hold fire or risk a blue on blue. The drop in output of rounds from the Squad ironically puts the individual moving in even greater danger along with the squad mate forced to hold fire. That's two guns out of the fight, the guy sprinting and the guy who's shot is blocked. If another guy does this too, that's four guns out of the fight, however briefly. As you can see this can escalate into disaster pretty quickly.

    Tonight I saw people being much more aware of their movement. It wasn't perfect by any means, it never is (nor can it be realistically), but it was very exciting for me personally to see people displaying a degree of situational and positional awareness. I heard movement calls from people letting squad mates know their intentions and I heard suppression going out as a response, which was awesome. I heard people communicating which side they were passing squad mates on when in close proximity, which seems like a minor thing, maybe even comes across as tacticool or something but it isn't. In contact that information is invaluable, it prevents fraticide and gives the recipient a much better understanding of his 3d space and how things are changing around him.

    I'm aiming down range, don't casually walk in front of me lol

    This still happens, I think we all do it sometimes accidentally and I don't think anyone really needs an explanation as to why walking in front of a hot muzzle probably isn't a good thing. However I saw people tonight actually taking the time to circle around behind people who had their weapon shouldered. It takes like an extra 2 seconds, you don't block the view of the guy who is checking his sight picture and you don't get an ND in the ear or save the life of an enemy by blocking a bullet meant for him with your head.

    Rolling tactical advances - Stay in your Lane

    Can't think of a better way to describe this off the top of my head. Picture the scene, as a squad you are carefully approaching the objective, perhaps in a loose line. It goes loud and you need to push in. Try to keep your lateral movement restricted whilst directly engaging, particularly if you as a squad didn't initiate contact. If you got bumped (didn't initiate) chances are your positioning and formation aren't exactly what you wanted. Dependent on the situation you may need/want to create cover by fire whilst advancing. This will involve everyone putting out a lot of rounds and advancing to the nearest hard cover. Stay in your lane as it were, try not to dodge rounds (you won't outrun a bullet). Squad mates maybe firing from a position to your rear, i.e. not on line with you. Hopefully they see you and are aware of your position and taking reasonable precautions not to kill you based on your current position. You start dancing and that all goes out the window, you have lead flying at you from two directions. It is far more effective to stay in lane and focus on hitting your targets if visible or effectively suppressing. Dodging ain't shooting and shooting is what you need to be doing, seizing the initiative, not handing it to the enemy.

    Tonight I saw people pushing forward and focusing fire, movement was good, controlled and effective at times. The old adage slow is smooth and smooth is fast was clearly in effect in some of our assaults. That phrase has stuck around for a reason. You can sprint up to an engagement and then try to come to a stop, pick up your front sight, the target, steady your aim and then shoot. Alternatively you can move forward cautiously but with purpose, weapon up, a steady shooting platform and simply drop the targets as they appear. I saw the latter today from people and it was lovely. Targets dropping like liquid at times.

    CQB - Controlled force, good movement, great comms

    We assaulted a compound tonight and cleared a couple of buildings with only one casualty, I believe Solo was the unfortunate victim of a window that seemed to have an issue with the laws of physics. The first bulding cleared was a problematic two storey with a multitude of rooms and a lot of hostiles.

    Comms were good as we entered the outer compound, targets were called out and dealt with and the breach was nice and smooth. What was really nice to see was the controlled movement, no silly sprinting about in such a confined space. Just nice controlled movement, muzzle up, communicated well. People were listening, covering the opposite angles and understanding which rooms were cleared (I didn't seen anyone enter a room that had been previously cleared and secured, which is all too common and a waste of limited manpower).

    There was nice weapons discipline too, short bursts or rapid singles shots. Much more accurate, less dangerous to friendlies and less deafening than full auto 'hose the house down' antics. Really, really nice sweep and clear. Great support from our overwatch squad too, engaging targets and feeding us intel about reinforcements/reaction forces.

    So summing up, thanks to all that were there Tuesday, a great set of missions and the little things listed above made my evening.

    PS, Badstache and CapShawn, 10/10, would assault a compound with you again!

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    Re: Tac Tuesday Games and the little things

    Those eyes...

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      Re: Tac Tuesday Games and the little things

      Awesome stuff - on the ground and in the chair. Thanks teams for excellence in battle.

      And yes - what I SHOULD have done was drop once the bullets weren't hitting their mark and let my squad mates help . . . . all good, one wounded in the OP . . . I'll take that kind of mission every day. Well done Trace covering us and "softening" the objective.

      Thanks guys.

      Good stuff.


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        Re: Tac Tuesday Games and the little things

        Good times last night. Had good leadership with clear direction and communication. Still getting used to spotting the enemy in the jungle.


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          Re: Tac Tuesday Games and the little things

          Originally posted by BadStache View Post
          Good times last night. Had good leadership with clear direction and communication. Still getting used to spotting the enemy in the jungle.
          I like to spot the enemy by stepping on them, it works out pretty well. Another super effective approach is to pick the SL role and then say "CapShawns, take point." :)


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            Re: Tac Tuesday Games and the little things

            I only really felt bad at one moment (and tried to "Zeus warn" you guys to help prepare) - the full squad was walking down the jungle hill into a full squad of EI walking UP the jungle hill (their regular patrol). All parties did not see each other until a short 10M apart (surprised you didn't hear any voices - those guys chatter a lot). It was a mess, at one point the squads were even intermingled . . . wow.

            Good recovery, good team work, and you took just about every one of them out.

            The one or two left . . . smile - Noy the one near you guys, by the tree . . . was out of bullets . . . . even for his sidearm . . . . . so he was just hiding and looking till you guys saw him . . . and then he was no more.

            Good stuff awesome night. Let me know small (or large) changes to make it more immersive and fun.

            Thanks guys,





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