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Game Officer's Update - Sept 2016

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  • [INFO] Game Officer's Update - Sept 2016

    Hello TG,

    It has been a while since my last official state of the ArmA address. I'm happy to report progress in several areas and then our plans for the immediate future.

    We have been in a much better place in 2016 regarding Supporting Memberships that are able to keep the lights on and improve our services. Thank you to all Supporting Members who share the costs of running our forums, teamspeak and game servers. These things are easy to take for granted especially since Apophis and our site level team work so hard on maintaining services that have an incredible up time. Kudos to you guys for all the extra time you give us!

    Back to ArmA, early in the year when we shared a server box with Squad, we were able to run several instances for a while and had a dedicated instance for persistent missions such as Pandora: TheInsurgency and later Liberation. There were some pros and cons to running this configuration as how it affected our player participation. You see, some players would join one of our servers and then try to rejoin it later because they liked our style of gaming, only to find an empty server because our players were playing on the other configuration. This was hurting our recruitment and the optics.

    At the same time as Apex dropped we realized there was the opportunity to drop back to one instance. This is actually facilitated by the mission Liberation very very well. Liberation uses the game save feature in A3 so that you can start it up, then players choose another mission, so now when players go back to Liberation even days later, it is still in the same state as the last session. So we have a persistent mission without splitting our server and leaving players out.

    Summer seemed to hit us hard on player participation. It seemed like everyone went and got a real life. LOL. This again is a great sign to me that we are attracting good mature gamers who are not fickle and have good priorities. However, there are other factors that lead to lower participation I'll get to.

    Game Administration
    I've been absolutely ecstatic before about the make up of our admin team, but I'm just over the moon with our current roster. What a great group we have and please make sure to thank Woesterudof, Noyava, MadSoloSniper, Dredge, DrunkFrodo and MPL TRACE when you see them next. The last three were added right before Apex dropped and they have been fundamental to our game from their day one.

    You may have noticed that Connor has had to drop from the team, he is just busy with RL and can't afford the silliness of game admin at this time. We all look forward to the time when he can rejoin the team, so please thank him for his time he gave up to do admin stuff for us all.

    New Box
    Yes, last month we transitioned to our new home. We got a new server due to our growing need for computing power and due to Squad's success as well. (If you haven't tried Squad, PM me and lets give it a go please)

    This new home hit us in players due to the IP change, but we have several things that it is allowing us to do. First, we are testing increased access for Admins and some of our veteran mission makers. Admins should all now be able to restart an instance or update a mission. However, only Rudolf or myself can currently update the mission submission thread. The ArmA Projects team has been thinned out of old members and is currently being used as a private forum granting access to a test instance. Our mission makers can now test their creations on a dedicated server on their schedule. This is only in the test phase, so we are unsure if this will become a permanent thing. So far so good!


    Second Instance (Small missions, TvT, Protocol, IHS Usage, End Game)
    We have a second instance that we can use for limited runs. For a while we were serving the BIS campain for Apex that you could play in coop with 4 players total, Protocol. We can spool that up again upon a request from any Supporting Member. We can also use it for limited TvT usage, for a week run of small mission (less than 10 players), a weekend of Pandora or Liberation....and we are open to suggestions. Hit us up in the CAA thread if you have a suggestion for a special event suited for this A3 instance.

    Events - Events - Events
    Regular scheduled and organised events are essential to our TG offerings. Tactical Tuesday has been going strong thanks to a dedicated core of players and Admins who keep it running. Thank you all!

    Saturday events have fallen off a bit and this is being corrected. However, many of you may not know how much work it takes to prep the mission, test the mission, organize the date, set up the sign ups, develop the proper rules and briefing, do the short, we need the community to get involved and share this work. The administration will assist but your game admins can not create all of this every Saturday without your help. The effort is just unsustainable for a small group. We can miss a Saturday now and then, but missing Saturday events on a regular basis is simply not allowable. SEND YOUR EVENT IDEAS HERE

    Team vs Team (TvT)
    Yes, we are exploring the basis for developing a player base for TvT. We are going to stick to some fundamental rules. It will be vanilla friendly, no massive mods, no catering to or competing with existing TvT offerings, TFR is being considered still due to the ineffectiveness of in-game direct VON, teams will be separated in separate channels in TS which will promote open communication and teamwork.

    To this end, we are looking at starting with some Zues TvT scenarios. This way we will be able to test play many of our mission ideas prior to all the work with a hard coded mission. We hope that this will be fun for players to participate in both in-game and on the forums for some discussion on suggestions and feedback.

    If this goes as planned, we hope to take what we learn and then start a mission framework within the ArmA Projects Team with a standard medical system, group/roles manager for kits, vehicle restrictions by side, standard objective scoring scripts, all the elements we think would be necessary. But that is another month to come, not this one.

    So, thank you each and every one of you for hanging in tight through these busy summer months! I hope to personally see a lot more of you in-game very soon.
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    Re: Game Officer's Update - Sept 2016

    In addition to the above, I'd like to invite you all to participate in two other efforts to help us grow TacticalGamer.

    1. Please post in THIS THREAD which will help us break down some of the barriers between games. Not that there is any, but many of us have a collection of games and it is quite enjoyable to play a variety of them with like minded folk here. I am happy to report I've been able to make some games in Squad lately and I'm getting much more comfortable with it. I anticipate that "bite the hook" round is coming up really soon. Anywho, this thread is a good start at a conversation we all could all benefit from. It works internally within our community and shows a good face to our visitors as well.

    2. Please get yourself hooked up over at Bohemia Interactive Studios forums and join our TacticalGamer A3 Units group. This will give you an in-game XML that you can choose from the game menu (I still need to fix the photo somehow). It also will help our draw there to have more of our players showing themselves as part of the group to attract more like minded players. It's a pretty cool thing BIS did to help communities grow and this deserves participation.
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    |TG-189th| Unkl
    ArmA 3 Game Officer
    Dean of Tactical Gamer University
    189th Infantry Brigade Member
    "We quickly advance in the opposite direction and take cover in a house on the SW side of town." - BadStache




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