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Ribbons and our ARMA community

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  • Ribbons and our ARMA community

    I remember years ago, when I wouldn't finish a event mission without hearing someone say: "and if you see any exemplary effort by someone, don't forget to nominate them for a ribbon". Over the last couple years (man I've been here for forever it seems), this effort to push people for nominations has dwindled significantly. I know that there are many who see ribbons as frivolous or maybe even arrogant ("Look at what I did") and detract from the idea that we're all just here to play a game. However, I see ribbons as an opportunity to encourage growing in our abilities and gameplay and consider them simply a fun thing to do in the forums to boost up each of our community members.

    While it is true that it's not why I came here to play, there is something rewarding in knowing that there was someone who saw and appreciated your efforts while you played (or engaged in the community). When I put my ribbon(s) in my Sig, it's not because I'm flaunting that I deserved it, but I'm recognizing the person who thought I deserved it. For me, it doesn't create an "I'm better than you" attitude or a "I think I deserve this" attitude at all. It creates more of an "Hey, I see what you did there and I think you deserve it" attitude.

    I think it would be great if I started to see peoples signatures filling up with ribbons. It shows newcomers that we're active in this community and that we support each-other, and that we encourage strong gameplay. It was the icing on the cake when I first came here. I loved the gameplay and the teamwork, and then I saw the ribbons and said "hey that's cool that they recognize each other". I was already sold on TG before it, but ribbons certainly wasn't a detriment.

    I would therefor like to lobby for the active advancement of ribbons here in our community and discuss their use here in TG ARMA. I'm sure that there will be some counterpoints, so please share your thoughts.

    if you have no clue what ribbons even are you can go to the Ribbons Sub-forum for more info
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    Re: Ribbons and our ARMA community

    Very underutilised, would like to see return of this.

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      Re: Ribbons and our ARMA community

      If there is interest, I am happy to step in and handle and track ARMA ribbon requests if need be.

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        Re: Ribbons and our ARMA community

        Surprised this fell to the wayside. Ribbons used to be handed out fairly regularly, and was a fun part of the community.


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          Re: Ribbons and our ARMA community

          I really appreciate this thread. Some one add another +1 to Shoomfie because I can't do so again for a while.

          In no way to I intend to stop any discussion on this either. However, moves are being made, in fact your ArmA Executive Officer, Woesterudolf, has been on this for a bit. What ever is the choke point, it is being unclogged. We do have outstanding Ribbon nominations that are being processed. My personal appologies to those who submitted nominations and to those being nominated (although nominees don't even know they have been nominated yet). I am going to lend my personal plumber to Rudolf to get this pipeline cleared. May even need to call in the big guns!

          I think ribbons are essential to recognizing outstanding efforts within our community. No one is paid for their service to our community so this recognition goes a long way.
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            Re: Ribbons and our ARMA community

            Its Alive! Ribbons could always use a couple of good volunteers for the team. If interested please PM FYAH29 and he can help you along with rights / permissions, etc.

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