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    I hope you all have been enjoying the return of Saturday events. Tomorrow is one of those days where everyone seems to have something in our real lives (RL) to attend to. Myself, I'll be in a suit instead of my TrackIR. However, just because we were not able to get a sign-up password event going for tomorrow, doesn't mean the date is off!

    You guys can pick a mission and get something going regardless at the regular time or at any time like always. Sorry for the gap in the events, we did really try from all of the admins and pathfinders to put something together that was organised.

    Next week will be Operation Trojan Horse, a mission by DMZ Scout! This mission is very unique and is going to take some out of the box thinking by your leader. We will announce a leader on Sunday most likely if not later today!
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    1400 EST is a little early to hold an event for people who work weekends. I would like to see events changed to Sunday afternoon when most people don't work. I think you might see a decrease in tardy attendence if you try it. Of course I speak from a personal perspective. I realize there's probably a reason why the status quo is in place, however every time I was either late to a Saturday event or withheld altogether was due to work.


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      And on the other hand, in europe it would be 9 PM so sundays often don't work over here. But I might agree either way, to be honest I am not sure which opt. would be more beneficial.
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        I say 2000 GMT mainly because some people may go to church here, but if that isn't a problem, we could probably do 1800 GMT or even 1600 GMT (1000 CST if I'm not mistaken)


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          It's Saturday, and I don't see anyone on TS (yet). But do ping me (forums, TS, etc), I am more than willing to Zeus for those having ARMA withdrawals.

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