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  • [INFO] Mercury Series - Discussion Thread

    Mercury Progressive Mission Series

    Theater Operation Designator– Mercury
    Location - Tanoa Island Group
    Operation timeframe - Operations take place over a 2 week (in-game) time frame

    What is the mission series?

    Zeus Lead / Progressive / sort of turn based / mission series

    Zeus Lead – assets will be placed in advance or any operation and Zeus will “manage” the flow and timing of the operation only.
    Progressive – based on the actions of the BluFor Commander the missions will “flow” where the operations take it. There may be an occasional “side” mission based on commander need (request) or mission requirement (USPACOM / Zeus initiated).
    Sort of turn based – when each mission is complete the enemy commander will be informed of any INTEL or update on existing INTEL based on “the actions of the NATO team – if available” and the enemy commander will move his assets accordingly in anticipation of the next BluFor Operation.
    Mission series – this series is slated to run for eight (8) missions. The “game time” will be a two week spread of in-game time and operations can take place at any time of day (commander request) based on gaining as much tactical advantage as possible.

    So what about the missions?
    It’s an open world (within the scope of the Tanoa Islands) and as a team you can plan and go wherever your command wants to go, but be aware, every mission and every action has consequences and the enemy commander (not Zeus) will respond by moving and reinforcing areas and protecting his “Critical Assets” based on what INTEL he gathers from his field commanders.

    This is a thinking man’s mission set. It’s not just about the “trigger time”, this one is also about what happens between the missions and what you guys (command and other SL’s and team members) do and discover BETWEEN missions as well.

    It’s about INTEL, gathered on the ground, gathered via HUMINT and even the support of “Hearts and Minds” as part of the operational mandate. There is the local population that needs to be considered; kill too many and they may turn against the team, support them and their needs and they may help you with additional INTEL to assist you in your campaign to discover what is happening and what Unit must do next.

    Take good notes – Zeus is “Switzerland” in these missions and will not help or advise on actions. Acting as “USPACOM” Zeus will only be considering Theater Level topics and needs. Local operational orders and missions will be up to Commanders. The INTEL as gathered will be forwarded to USPACOM (MadSoloSniper) along with commander mission requests (and asset requests). USPACOM will review and authorize all missions after the initial INTEL mission.

    Operational Forces: Unit Unit will have limited assets to begin with; you will not have any significant resupply access (logistics) due to the island nature of AO and the lack of air assets or superiority.

    Like the enemy you will have limited information on troop locations or strengths. It is advised to "RECON" before charging in (just a thought) and the enemy will only have INTEL on actions based on how well (or not) you execute your missions (things like firing in the air at the end of a mission – just saying) and how you go about discovering weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage.

    Enemy Units
    The enemy is well established, fairly well trained, and fanatical about what they are building on the island chain (no one knows yet what that is). It should be assumed that they have: Air support, Armor, AA capabilities, transport capabilities (both land and water based). Also it is believed that they are Battalion strength ( ). That’s what you are there to find out and report back to USPACCOM (this command). From there what you do is up to you and your men. Consider how to operate and what you think are the best actions (missions) to take to discover more about the situation and what operations will best suit the needs to establish peace on the island and to eliminate any threat to the islands.

    You’re a small team. Command is not even sure what the problem may be. Your first assignment is to assess the enemy threat and report back on troop locations and movement. Based on this initial assessment your command can make some operational decisions and orders based on what you think should happen next.

    You do NOT have air superiority
    You do NOT have strength in numbers
    You do NOT have significant assets
    You DO have the element of stealth and surprise for the moment

    Deep Dive on the enemy command (Behind the curtain)

    I have a friend who is a huge “sand table warfare” player. He has agreed to be the enemy commander and has been given a map of the islands and a specified number of “assets” to protect the islands with. He has also been given a number of “key” high value areas to locate, develop and defend. Between missions he will be given “BluFor INTEL” based on the actions of TG commanders and what can be “reported” up his chain of command in the enemy world (I will not be helping him). From these communications (map markers) he will react and respond to protect his assets and respond to threats at the theater level only.

    Zeus will move assets (enemy) between missions (with an allowance for some real time capabilities) which will affect future missions and will define the location and nature of some specific assets.

    Initial Mission

    Mercury One – Sleeping dogs
    Small INTEL recon mission. We’ll run the initial one on Tactical Tuesday (late) to get things started. There will be some time between that mission and the first event mission for the recon team to report back to their CO so plans can be made.

    ALSO – After the initial mission COs must file mission plan (rough idea at least) to this command (USPACOM / MadSoloSniper) so that Zeus can be prepared (the world is your oyster so to speak, but ya gotta give me time to get it ready). Enemy assets will be placed based on your planning and to keep server frames as high as possible (not that that is a hint or anything).

    I recommend good “out of game” notes and INTEL mapping and posting to the Mission Discussion thread on the boards to keep future COs, SLs, and teams informed of what has gone before (AARs will be helpful as well and “Notes on Steroids” might be a good idea). The enemy commander is NOT TG and does not have access to any TG assets (he’s kind of old school actually) so information shared in the forums will be yours only.

    From there it will be up to you guys what you talk about, what you do and how the mission unfolds. I’ll only be USPACOM at that point able to support you in limited ways with spotty satellite INTEL and possible assets based on availability in the theater of operations and as allowed by other operations taking place in USPACOM at that time (read – limited friendly assets as well just like the real world).

    Final Words from Solo (if you made it this far):

    “Trigger time” there should be plenty, but not all the time and not “finger on the trigger for hours”, it will be a touch more realistic and there will be “decision points” that will need to be considered based on their long term implications (consequences). . . and that’s all I’ll say on THAT topic . . . wink.

    “Walking” – well ya, it’s battle, there is a certain amount of that always, but I’ll keep it “in context” and make sure it’s not about “one end of the map to other end of map” . . . just because.

    “But Solo I want THIS optic” – save it for the wife, the SO, or for in the bar after the OP, these will be mostly “Drop and play” missions where you’ll have pre-configured loadouts and run the OP with what you have. We're going for good quick team play, not a lot of time in loading out or in getting "arranged".

    “Can this one be at dusk, at night, can it rain . . not rain, sun but not tooooo much sun” – Again save it for some other conversation in some other context. Commanders will have the ability to ask (well in advance) for “assets” to help with operations as well as time of day for a particular OP. Some stuff you’ll get, some you won’t, but unless there is a major break in ArmA there won’t be any “game day crates” that will be deployed so you can have your favorite hat or scarf or optic or to change it to a light breeze on a sunny fall day. This is war gentlemen, now let's Get Some!!

    Thanks guys, this one has been brewing for some time, let's see how it unfolds.



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    I was walking through Kavala the other day and picked up a copy of the Tanoa Free Press from the local news stand.

    Made for an interesting read.

    I linked to their online copy for you guys here.

    Online copy





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