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Operation Dragnet - Sat Oct 22 - Discussion

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  • Operation Dragnet - Sat Oct 22 - Discussion

    So I have noticed that more public missions have been played this last month and we have some excellent new players who have joined us recently!

    I also recognize that this comes with a little bit of a strain on our experienced leadership. We have chosen to do Operation Dragnet this weekend simply because we didn't have a password event in the works and the admin team has gotten spread out a little I think in RL. So while we get ready to play another Saturday with a very public mission...what do you guys think we could do to make organizing the event a little easier for:
    • players new to ArmA
    • players without TFR
    • helping players join a group
    • helping players know the names script and marker system
    • help our leaders focus on tactics and less on JIP education

    Please share your constructive ideas. We are not adverse to customizing the mission we play to adapt to your suggestions.
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    To help new players to Arma: Stick them with experienced leadership who is proven to be patient with newcomers.

    To help players without TFR, make two squads -- One for TFR, one for VON. SL of each should have TFR to make communication easy. Have VON players stick around after event for debrief / installation instructions if they so choose.

    As far as the rest is concerned, I requested to be the pilot for this event, and I'd be glad to handle JIPs in lieu of the SL/CO/Zeus.


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      I'm not adverse to VON nor TFAR. So that's comms issue done.
      As for the mission itself. It should have ALL the visual aids (player name scripts) to allow the newer players to use as a step ladder to conform to our style of gameplay.
      Even getting on formation (and figuring out who is behind whom) would be smoother with the help of the squad radar (which is built in, the A3 system). Conversely, the tools should be there to lesson the load of the leaders.

      What annoys me the most are the minute steps that I need to go through just to perform what should be a smooth action (this is generally an ARMA issue).
      Re-activating the playernames script via scroll wheel, or numpad delete key at every few or so minutes. I know who is who in real life, but so much harder in game. It is already not intuitive.
      Scrolling through the VON channels for comms (one of the main reasons I dislike the ARMA system, yes I'm aware of binding the keys).
      Scrolling through the channels for markers to be shown on the map. (Can we just use Side? A-1-1:RP1)

      I'll stop there, feeling grumpy when posting this.

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        Low you bring up some good ones. Now I know these are a bit of a headbutting issues. I thought i would address those points that relates to me. Squad Radar is within arma 3 itself. It can be enabled with server settings. With it enabled I can ditch my map marker system or simply make it so much simpler by marking the only team loaders' position. For now admin team is very reluctant to do so and need a discussion/convincing to bring Squad radar to our servers. I am personally for this for the sake of using Arma 3 vanilla features and not bunch of scripts that needs to be added to a mission. As for answering the original topic of this thread, the squad radar is a tool to make the new players adjust faster.

        Making the name-tags stay on permanently or turning it off is soooo doable and was like that in one of the versions. I think having it on or off should be players' personal preference and not forced by mission designer or by the server. Forcing it to be temporary and having it shut off automatically is implemented by request. I upped the timer on this to 1 min to find a balance between my own wish (user controlled) and the request for it to be temporary. Now this assures that my own wish for it to be user controlled is shared by my peers. Therefore, I will be adjusting the name script as so. As for the original topic of this thread, this change should help the new players to fit in also.


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          I can look at allowing the Squad Radar during a Dragnet mission. I'm sure it is simple.I'm not a fan of it for regular use and neither the GPS/marker work around either. We see players worrying about their position on it more than worrying about being in cover and communicating. It leads to bad habits. Has done so in the past, and does so still. However, this is lower on my priority list so we can flex some here. I mean we are not talking about turning on 3rd person right?

          Player names I absolutely hate the constant high contrast text in my screen. Instead of scanning the horizon around my friendlies my eyes are bombarded with text. When I need to know who is who I just click a button and it is there for a second and then goes away for me. It should not become a way to find your friendlies even though you have no visual sight of them in the jungle. I know this decision is half aesthetic and it has been made at the admin level. You should, via use of voice recognition in direct, be able to keep tabs on your friendlies. I'm all for what I call "the paperwork" to be done by scripts but this text on my screen all the time is just too far.

          <admin hat off> I have really enjoyed not having map markers on a mission we have been testing. It actually makes me use basic map reading, and have communication with team members, and use rally points, fall back's good.

          <admin hat back on>However, during a Dragnet mission we need to know where all the players are. It takes all of us to keep a group of public players with their groups and organized.

          Some missions need map markers, some don't. So we have our server settings to allow for options at the mission level.

          So, thus far for Saturday we have:
          • Von friendly squads - should be all squads von friendly but can divide up if necessary
          • Squad Radar on
          • Player names script running
          • Map Markers working in that mission
          Keep it coming.
          |TG-189th| Unkl
          ArmA 3 Game Officer
          Dean of Tactical Gamer University
          189th Infantry Brigade Member
          "We quickly advance in the opposite direction and take cover in a house on the SW side of town." - BadStache


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            My ideal setup would be to use all vanilla features to give the players necessary situational awareness for the teamwork. If this calls for a separate thread and concentrated discussion I am all for it.

            We can do away with the scripts if we have squad radar on, nametags on (the vanilla ones with the mouse cursor). Now you have mission makers who do not have to worry about maintaining and updating their scripts. All is handled by the server using the already implemented features available in the arma 3 itself.. That would be my ideal setup. Is it possible to edit the server config file in this way? I have no idea but it looks like it.

            Granted that we have developed these scripts when the game was in a less mature state to compensate for some shortcoming in flexibility of settings, now at this point in time, we should take advantage and evolve with this game and its vanilla features. I for one am more than happy to work on new and better things than dragging along these extra work of maintaining and updating scripts that can be easily replaced with vanilla features just like how the BIS new revive system is phasing out our own revive system.

            Now my motivations are not about gameplay or how people should play. My motivations are solely based on mission development perspective. We have missions that feel old because there is a new version of one of the scripts out. If we eliminate the third party scripts, and use vanilla features, we develop a mission once and then we can enjoy them with the patches and updates for a long time.

            My final gripe is with TFAR. The original developer no longer supports this mod and instead hired some other dude to pick up the maintenance. The result of this delegation is broken scripts that used to work but no longer does. I am all about VON as it is vanilla at first, and friendly to all who has the game without any extra steps. TFAR much like ACRE, will die as time goes on. The communities who still use them have some dedicated coders who is able to understand and fix the shortcomings of the original releases.
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