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Serpents: Episode II - Discussion Thread

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  • [INFO] Serpents: Episode II - Discussion Thread

    Discussion thread for November 5th event Serpents: Episode II.

    Some mission related information:
    • BIS medical system where either FAK or Medikit is required for revive. Dragging (WIP). Non-Medics will take 3 times (30 sec) as much as medics (10 sec). Bleedout time is 5 min. Unless a patch comes out before the event heavy calibers will kill without chance of revival.
    • Respawn points are on the LSVs. Losing both LSVs will result in failure of mission.
    • JIP handling with teleportation to LSVs in case of late joiners and crashers. Available via action menu at the Syndikat contact.
    • Ticketed respawn. Losing too many casualties will result in failure of mission (20 tickets).
    • Minimal initial briefing and developing story and surprises. But I can brief the mission commander to a limited extent.

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    Bumping this thread in anticipation of upcoming event. Sign up to secure your slot for this event. Mission is designed with very conservative number of playable slots in hopes of playing it with full roster and enemy balance. Last episode had an overflow. Also those who signed up earlier gave up their slots to the late show ups, which is against what the sign up thread is intended for.

    The briefing for the mission is very minimal because the mission will develop and new information will be revealed as the mission progress. I anticipate about 2 hours of playtime with cautious approach.

    Personally I am quite proud of the end product and anticipate a full on fun experience for the participants. Episode I was a blast and I anticipate this one to be more blast.




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