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  • Using radio's more effectively

    TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION.... Why do we not use different channels for different fireteams, squads, ect.... on a more regular basis
    |TG| Cody

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    and on top of that have the team leaders use additional channel so they have fireteam channel and to SL channel... I don't really mind though, direct chat between my fireteam members is ok. I use the yell instead of normal talk sometimes when my members are up to 100 meters away
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      I think this is because the long range radio limits the amount of gear you can carry due to its weight. Most of those backpack radios have next to no capacity for additional storage.

      On top of that you have leaders who start out thinking that they are only leading 3 guys and they don't need a LR radio. Then the JIPs come in, someone starts running the transport helo and they are in the field without coms other than VON.

      Personally, I could not care much for the long range simulator. I appreciate the additional channel of coms when the LR is working but we have command channel that works just as well. It doesn't have the restriction of limited range that the LR radios do. But I'm ok with that.

      Honestly, this is where this is a game and we are not going to set up a player on a hilltop somewhere for the sole purpose of acting as a relay. As far as I know, there is no TFR objects that will set up a relay such as was available with ACRE. Neither do I care enough since we have VON. that light....there is not any real reason to not use different channels for different teams. This is the nice thing about the radio system is that if the leader wants to speak to everyone...he just orders everyone to one channel and they don't have to change groups to change the coms channel.

      Sometimes, you have two teams and you want fluid coms between both groups. This is difficult because it relies on each player to understand that their "group" channel is now two groups. This means that before you key the radio you should consider if it is something you really need to take up the net for. Is this something better suited to direct coms?

      This is not a bad thing to learn either. In fact, I have noticed how well our regulars do at this. Bad radio usage happens when the going gets tough and the guns are firing. Still, coms are better than no coms.
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        Originally posted by Cody View Post
        TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION.... Why do we not use different channels for different fireteams, squads, ect.... on a more regular basis
        We can, it depends on the commander, the amount of people we have on the server and the needs of the mission.

        During larger play missions, where we have more than one squad then it becomes a necessity.

        Like Xor, I try to use local as much as possible, to avoid having people get used to using the radio as their local chat. It sends the wrong message in my mind, as the radio should be used to communicate over long distances and that is it.

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          A moment comes to my mind from when we were playing last night. Someone says to me, "Hummel, I thought green team could handle X". I reply "I thought we were going to keep radio discipline," and the net went silent again. Maybe I was a bit cross, but it gets frustrating when people treat the squad net like their own personal phone line where everyone gets to know about some rabbit that crossed the road because you thought it was necessary to call it out. KISS. The more additional channels we have, the more we have to listen to at once, and it only adds confusion. It all boils down to discipline in the end. Whether you have 1 channel or 10, in the end you still have to fight for someone's ear. You might as well keep it to 1 channel per squad and limit radio usage to emergencies (things like contact reports). Stop using the radio to send a message to someone other than the squad leader. If it's not important, walk to the person you want to talk to and use local chat. It's not difficult.


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            I think about the delay it takes for me to decide who was talking and if it is important to my squad ext... we call out direction vs bearing for this same reason.

            Also, slot of times I cannot hear my teammate 10 yards away for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps communication would actually be cleaner if we utilized sr channels. I agree with the long range comments by Unkl what's wrong with using SR and command channel......

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