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Tanoa Combat Patrol - 14 Jan 2017 - Sign Up Only

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  • [EVENT] Tanoa Combat Patrol - 14 Jan 2017 - Sign Up Only

    Jan 14 2017
    3pm EST
    Roll Call 1/2 hour prior - Click the time above for countdown timer

    Tanoa Combat Patrol

    Sign up early to secure your slot. Read this entire post!
    This is the sign up thread only. Discussion, questions and FRAGO will be in the DISCUSSION THREAD.

    Supporting Members get preference. After that, slots will be assigned at leader/admin discretion while attempting to follow the order of sign ups.
    Mission is "Tanoa Combat Patrol" by DMZ SCOUT.

    Rebel Forces operating in Tanoa are believed to be utilizing a trail system northwest of Kotomo to ferry supplies north to unknown base camps. It is believed that Rebels use handcarts to ferry the supplies north and the entrance to the trail system begins near Rally Point 4 as marked on the map.

    A three-man recon team was deployed yesterday to conduct a reconnaissance patrol to gather intelligence about the supply operations and the composition of the Rebel Force operating in the area. The recon team has failed to make radio contact since inserting at LZ Green.

    First Squad will conduct a combat patrol NLT 0640 hours on 09AUG2010 with the intent to determine the status of the missing recon element and to destroy Rebel Forces encountered.

    The patrol element will follow the designated patrol route of the missing Recon Team. Insert at LZ GREEN and follow the Rally Points as marked in an attempt to make contact with the missing Recon Team. Destroy Rebel Forces encountered and Exfil from LZ ORANGE to CAMP KULICK.The Commanders intent is to conduct the patrol as planned with the hope that the marked route will lead to a conclusion of the status of the missing recon team. The mission plan is to limit exposure and time in the area while making an attempt to find our friends. We do not have the resources for prolong engagement. If the members are not found along the route, then the Patrol Squad will exfil and plans will be drawn up for a second mission.

    Enemy Forces:
    The exact size of the forces operating in the area is unknown. Past engagements with the Rebels have proven that they are well-armed and are moderately equipped with personal body armor. They have no armor or air support. They generally patrol in teams of 4 to 6 soldiers and use 2-man teams to establish Observation Posts to provide advance warning. The Rebels use the jungle to their advantage to mask movement and surprise aggressors operating in larger elements.

    Friendly Forces:
    US Forces have a limited number of personnel and equipment currently in the area. An advance party has established a small base called:

    The base has been established to support reconnaissance operations on the Main Island of Tanoa. An infantry squad is currently staged at CAMP KULICK as a QRF to the three man recon team that has lost contact with Command.

    Your Patrol Squad will be armed with MX 6.5mm rifles with approximately 300rnds per man and 2 LIM-85 Squad Automatic Weapons with approximately 600rnds. RGO and Smoke Grenades for each patrol member as well as 1 FAK. The Patrol Medic will provide additional FAKs.

    Supply and equipment is limited. All weapons have Iron Sights and flashlights. GPS and Range Finders are limited to Leadership and the Medic.

    Our pilot can provide Helicopter Transport and Medic capabilities. There is one UH-80 Ghosthawk available for transport. There is one Pawnee Light Attack helicopter however recent operations have reduced the ammo to 25% and fuel is low. There is a limited resupply of ammunition and FAKs available in the Hummingbird that can be flown to the AO for resupply.

    A mortar tube has been set-up with 8 rounds of HE and 16 rounds Smoke to be used at the Patrol Leaders discretion. The tube can be broken down and taken along with the Patrol Element or manned at CAMP KULICK.

    Additional means of helicopter transportation are available via Support Radio and there is one attack boat located at CAMP KULICK.

    Slot Selections
    Patrol Leader
    Alpha Team Leader
    Alpha Team Rifleman
    Alpha Team Auto Rifleman
    Alpha Team Asst. Auto Rifleman
    Bravo Team Leader
    Bravo Team Rifleman
    Bravo Team Auto Rifleman
    Bravo Team Asst. Auto Rifleman
    Patrol Medic
    Patrol Pilot-Medic

    Reply with the following in this thread to sign up.
    Your in-game name:
    In-House Squad (if affiliated):
    Your leadership abilities (,sl,ftl, or jftl {Just Following The Leader}):
    Special Abilities or Role Requests (i.e. AR, Medic, GL):
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    Your in-game name: BadStache
    Your leadership abilities: jftl, ftl
    Special Abilities or Role Requests: Medic, Pilot-Medic
    “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”


    • #3
      Your in-game name: Chichco
      Your leadership abilities: jftl with good prononce
      Special Abilities or Role Requests: not pilot


      • #4
        Your in-game name: |TG|Cody
        Your leadership abilities: jftl,ftl
        Special Abilities or Role Requests: AR, any but pilot
        May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.
        -- Gen. George S. Patton

        |TG189th| Cody


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          Your in-game name:|TG| MPL TRACE
          In-House Squad :None
          Your leadership abilities :FTL
          Special Abilities or Role Requests :Anything.
          |MPL TRACE|


          • #6
            Your in-game name:|TG189| Woesterudolf
            In-House Squad :189TH
            Your leadership abilities : Leading bayonet charges
            Special Abilities or Role Requests: bayonet charges

            My sing-up will be a very likely
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              In-Game Name: |TG| Unkl
              IHS: The 189th Infantry Brigade
              Leadership: must pass on this one
              Special Abilities: perhaps being able to arrive

              Put me down as a maybe. Out of my control.

              update: maybe just became "most likely"
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              |TG-189th| Unkl
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              Dean of Tactical Gamer University
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              "We quickly advance in the opposite direction and take cover in a house on the SW side of town." - BadStache


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                Your in-game name: Shoomfie
                In-House Squad: Irregulars
                Your leadership abilities: Meh... rusty
                Special Abilities or Role Requests: Anything

                "WARNING: Don't let me throw frags!"


                • #9

                  Your in-game name: DMZ Scout
                  In-House Squad: 189th INF
                  Your leadership abilities: n/a
                  Special Abilities or Role Requests: I'll take last slot open,or Pilot, Medic, Asst. AR


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                    Your in-game name: Snyder
                    In-House Squad: Irregulars
                    Your leadership abilities: JFTL
                    Special Abilities or Role Requests: Any were needed at the time


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                      Your in-game name: Pale Horseman
                      Your leadership abilities: JTFL, FTL
                      Special Abilities or Role Requests: DMR, Medic, or whatever we need.
                      "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." -Abraham Lincoln
                      ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ


                      • #12
                        Your in-game name: |TG-Irr| King Dimitrius
                        In-House Squad: I belong to the Irregulars
                        Your leadership abilities: All.
                        Special Abilities or Role Requests: Available to lead if required, or flight.

                        Current ARMA Development Project: No Current Project

                        "An infantryman needs a leader to be the standard against which he can judge all soldiers."

                        Friend of |TG| Chief


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                          Your in-game name: |TG| B
                          In-House Squad: NA
                          Your leadership abilities: do not want to lead as I have played the mission before to completion.
                          Special Abilities or Role Requests: I am aware that I am singing up after the roster is full. Will show up in case of no shows. Will sit out if all those who signed up before me shows up and the mission roster is full.


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                            |TG| Biggs
                            Will join comms as backup for no-shows

                            Canadjun, eh?


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                              |TG-Irr| Finifelix
                              Will join comms as backup for no-shows




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