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    So, I havenít been on these forums in a while nor have I been on Arma 3 lately. I decided to drop by today and play with |B|, BadStache, and some others. It was a small six man team and the mission was to rescue some hostage in a small little village. Anyways, our load outs were simple:
    • 6 magazines
    • Class specific gear
    • No GPS
    • No Binoculars

    I capitalized the last one for a reason. While at the beginning of the mission it seemed like everyone was against the fact that they didnít have an optic and were stuck with a red dot. I, on the other hand, have practiced with this optic for quite a while now because of a couple of reasons. The first one is obvious. With a scope, you sit back and pick off enemies one by one. This is my main gripe I have with the current mission layouts. A lot of the times I feel like the missions become very, very stale. Run here, shoot some guys from 600+ meters out, blow up a technical and then move forward for minimal CQB.

    The motto of being open to new players is great and all and trying to give a taste of the tactical aspect of arma to those who seem to stumble into the server is great. Unfortunately, there aren't many people who come in and appreciate the game style that is being offered to them. Most want to just run head first shoot stuff, die, respawn and go back right into the action. Maybe Iím just an old grumpy TG player from the Arma 2 days but what I miss is the tactical communications and the heart pounding firefights where the AI actually put fear into you. With the minimal sight acquisition, it forced us into a closer proximity in order for us to expend our ammo with quality shots and watch out for the amount of ammo we have actually used. Overall it made a more quality experience all around. The firefights were close high speed and heart thumping. I missed these type of firefights and the close-knit squad communication and buddy teams were essential and an aspect I feel has become lacking with the current mission layouts.

    Of course, Iím not saying remove scopes on everything but the restricted class ammo and restriction of scopes added a whole new view and feel on the combat. I miss the times when radio discipline was a thing and it was frowned upon to use in game chat. When I was stuck as last one alive I remember just yelling in local running towards the objective hoping I would be in a range of somebody some time and praying I was on the right channel. Overall, I just feel a couple missions like the one I played and possibly adding a couple texture mods to where we get M4s and AKs once again it would be a little more enjoyable. Just my two cents on the current state of Arma at TG.

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    The mission submissions have been pretty much open for almost anything. So I would like to invite you ( dumb13dor3 ) to participate in the mission creation process.

    Everybody is able to complain about X but working to bring the missions you think are fun is something different.

    Please look at:
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      I'll take a looksies


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        Let me know if you need help with your efforts Dumbledore. Every single one of us mission makers once had a similar gripe and decided to do something about it. Now we have a rather rich, diverse selection of missions.

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          Just saw this reply. Haven't been keeping up with it. I have dropped by the server a lot more and have realized some of the missions during event days and have noticed the change in mission layouts. So far things have been going a little better. I know with a huge amount of people we are limited but the specific missions have proven to be very effective.


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            With the larger missions that are designed to be attractive to larger groups of players they often have a larger selection of weapon platforms mostly so when a smaller group is on you can choose to try different approaches and set ups.

            But when the squads start to get filled out it is the expectation that roles get dialed back into a more traditional organization. One of these things is really to limit the optics available. The means that you must approach the enemy closer, have better teamwork to win the day.

            Another approach I've been thinking of is to dial up the AI view distance and make them able to engage from further away. Perhaps a little on that side might up the danger. It might also up the frustration of being shot from 900m through a couple rows of tree tops.

            I do not miss the old days of "don't use side channel because you are SUPPOSED to be out of radio range". In hindsight, that was just taking it too far. Command channel is great for that, you can still actually play the game. The only 2 decent things I like about TFR is direct volume and being able to configure a command net on the fly. You know when the SL out in the field actually has a LR radio that they can fit a few things in the backpack still.

            I'm glad you have seen that we do have a whole bunch of custom missions on the server that really do not get played as much as they should. Don't be afraid. Remember the map vote! I think I should post that procedure again to remind us all.
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