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    This is the discussion thread for the event for Saturday. Here is the SIGN UP THREAD.

    Our leader HotDog, will be posting soon.
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    NATO and FIA forces have been waging a protracted war over control of the Island Altis since the inception of Arma3. CSAT has taken the advantage and launched a surprised invasion. CSAT forces have control of the City of Molos and the Molos Airfield. Their intent is to secure the area for a larger occupying force that will conduct large scale attacks throughout the Island of Altis. CSAT presence is not a good sign for NATO, FIA or for the future of Altis. FIA Forces have sent a small Special Operations element to the area to conduct seek and destroy operations. NATO and FIA Forces have decided to put their animosity for each other aside for now and team up together to deal a severe blow to the CSAT Invasion Plan. The FIA Spec Ops element is support by NATO CAS and Artillery. The FIA Spec Op team is heavily out-manned and outgunned. CSAT holds the advantage but FIA hopes to help even the score to help their new found Allies.

    CSAT Forces have a company size Infantry element currently spread out and operating within the City of Molos and the Molos Airfield. They are in a defensive posture and have secured the area to facilitate the build-up of forces. A small Headquarters has been established within the City and a Command Post has been set-up in the hanger of the Molos Airfield. Both facilities could yeild valuable intel regarding the CSAT invasion plans and weapons of mass destruction development. The Infantry is supported by (2) To-199 Neophron CAS aircraft, (4) Ifrit HMG vehicles, (1) Tigris and several fixed heavy weapon emplacements both .50cal HMG and SAM Launchers.

    NATO and FIA Forces will operate together under the direction of the FIA COMMANDER of the ground unit to destroy CSTAT air assets and WMD capability at the Molos Airfield and within the City of Molos. Locate and destroy mobile device in the Molos City and destroy two planes and one helicopter parked on the runway at the Molos Arifield. Secondary Objectives are available but are not mandatory to complete mission.

    FIA Commander will provide direction to NATO Pilots. A suggested course of action is for the FIA Team to locate and destroy the CSAT Anti-Air capabilities marked on map. Obtain equipment from Support Cache located in Chapel near Molos Airfield. Secure a strong-point and use the UAV to locate Mobile Device in Molos and direct laser guided munitions on target via SUPPORT RADIO ARTILLERY. Once NATO gains air superiority, coordinate air strikes on targets located at the Molos Airfield. If time and advantage are in favor of the FIA TEAM, conduct raids at the Airfiled and Molos to secure Intel under the support of NATO CAS via AH99 Blackfoot. Exfil under cover of NATO CAS and call for extraction helicopter via SUPPORT RADIO or have NATO air support execute the extraction via UH80 Ghost Hawk.

    Each FIA Team member has a primary discipline and a support discipline. The support disciplines are Combat Life Saver and Engineer. The support disciplines are alternated between team members so that there are five engineers and five medics. Engineers can repair damaged MHQs with the TOOLKIT found in each White Pick-up Truck MHQ and Medics can revive down team members faster. Rifleman are equipped with the MK14 and carry between 6-8 20Rnd magazines. The Automatic Rifelman is equipped with the Zafir and three 150Rnd boxes. Smoke and RGO grenades are distributed among team members as well as FAKs. Medic personnel carry additional FAKs but no MEDKIT is available. NATO Pilots have the ability to defend themselves if on the ground.

    MHQ VEHICLES- FIA TEAM personnel have two white pick-up trucks designated MHQ1 and MHQ2. These vehicles will not respawn if destroyed. They have ammunition, AA and AT Launchers and FAKS to resupply the FIA Team as well as a TOOLKIT to be available to personnel with the secondary discipline of Engineer.

    SUPPORT RADIO- The FIA COMMANDER and the FIA TEAM LEADER have SUPPORT RADIO ASSETS available accessed by pressing 0-8. They EACH have TWO REQUESTS for a TRANSPORT helicopter and TWO REQUESTS for ARTILLERY provided by an M4 SCORCHER. NATO PILOTS have the ability to call for helicopter extraction if shot down. They can then be transported back to AB Blue.

    SUPPORT CACHE- Altis Clergymen have once again opened their Chapel doors to hide a cache to provide additional equipment to support combat and wage war. The available support cache is marked on the map and is near the Molos Airfield. The support cache will provide additional ammunition, UAV assets, explosive charges and other mission combat multipliers.

    All personnel can revive. Medics can revive faster. A FAK is required and is consumed upon use. There are a limited number of FAKs but more than enough to finish with extras if you play it right. Bleedout occurs after 5 minutes.

    RESPAWN and TELEPORT- FIA Members will respawn at OP Snake Eyes. They can then teleport to MHQ vehicles using the RED and WHITE MILITARY SIGN near the CHAPEL on the BEACH. If the MHQ Vehicles are destroyed then you will not be able to teleport to their location.NATO Pilots will respawn at AB BLUE. They can teleport to OP SNAKE EYES if they exhaust their supply of aircraft or at the discrection of the FIA Commander.

    AIR and VEHICLE ASSETS-The AH99 Blackfoot is the only aircraft that will respawn. It will respawn once. The WHITE MHQ PICK-UP TRUCKS do not respawn.

    Communications between the FIA TEAM and the NATO pilots will need to be on GLOBAL or COMMAND VON.

    Once the two primary tasks are completed, the FIA SPEC OPS TEAM can exfil, by any means available, to RP GREEN at the END MISSION HERE marker. The team CAN ALSO CHOOSE to complete the secondary objectives before retreating to the RP GREEN, however accomplishing the secondary objectives is not mandatory for a successful conclusion.

    Designate Succession of Command
    Assign Buddy Teams
    Designate Primary and Secondary Medics
    Explain Casualty Action Plan
    Designate Primary and Secondary Comms Channels
    Brief Insertion and Exfil Plans
    Brief Fire Support Plan
    Brief Primary and Secondary Mission Objectives
    Review Special Instructions
    Review Actions on Contact
    Assign Order of Movement
    Brief ROE


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      CSAT abides by the Geneva Convention with regards to clearly marking minefields.


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        Thanks for posting the info.




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