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    There is sometimes questions as to what kit items a medic should bring into the field. In ArmA there is a lot of choice very often when you are grabbing your gear and it is easy to go astray.

    Generally when I take medic I grab a compact version of a rifle. I want to be effective in close quarters and I want a weapon system that will keep me light so I can use my kitbag to store the medikit and extra first aid kits (FAK) in order to replenish my team as we go.

    I also generally take a pistol and extra ammo for that. If I remember I'll change to the pistol before I start any medic work. This is a wee bit of role play that is not required because the animations generally make you put your rifle down anyway, but I'll do it anyway.

    Another school of thought was to have your medic have a rifle that is heavier but with a magnified scope say an RCO or 4x magnification anyway. This way your medic can remain in the back of the formation but be effective forward. This can be dangerous because you want your medic to have a large field of view and the max situational awareness. You don't want your medic to have tunnel vision.

    I'll grab the medikit and at least 6 FAK for the team. This way if the leader decides to send a team further away from another they can load up with some addition FAKs in case there is trouble.

    What I don't want as a leader is a medic with the GL or AR. I want that firepower in the hands of someone who is not busy at a CCP (casualty collection point) so they can provide cover fire for the medic!

    The medic is a platoon level asset that may be assigned to a squad or not. If you have your traditional 13 man squad (3 fireteams) the medic would be an additional person to that team to bring it to 14 players. If we need more medics than that then we should be looking at the choices we are making as leaders and raising the bar for our medics who should be staying safe and otherwise be more protected.

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    I load light. I have a small backpack that can carry a medikit and 10 FAKs. Main weapon would be something compact with CQB sight. Vest is the light version and the helmet is also light version. After getting about 8 mags, the rest of the space is occupied by white smokes.

    This allows me to run around under fire getting to the wounded, dragging them into cover with smoke cover and all that. Heavier weapons and gear means I cannot run around as much thus I am not the being as effective as I could be.

    Medics should be watching six while holding, protected while moving and agile when in rescue mode IMO.

    As a leader, GL and AR carrying medics do get on my nerves a bit. My input...


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      Here recently i have been trying to standardize my load-outs for all classes as a way to ensure i am grabbing what i need every time. I keep the backpack as a class use item only for either medic or engineer. I generally will blank my load outs and run the following:

      Main armament: MX or Spar-16, only compact weapon i will consider is the Vermin,
      Sidearm: preferably a .45APC
      Launcher: sometimes i will grab an RPG-7 if weight permits, having it available is never a bad thing.
      Uniform:with 3-4 mags sidearm, at least 2 FAK(held for personal use or to give as needed), 1-2 smoke if i can
      Vest: generally a simple vest with all rifle mags(12-14), but i may also trade up to 5mags for smoke or charges depending on the mission
      Backpack: Assault bag with a medkit and around 5 FAK's the rest is either more smoke, charges or empty.

      Weight is never really a concern with me as if i need to get somewhere in a hurry i can dump my vest, and rely on my sidearm. I tend to get myself too close to the action most of the time, much to the annoyance to SL's, and i want to atleast be able to hold my own if things get bad.

      Something that does annoy me are medic's that do not keep FAK's in their backpack. Have run in to issues in the past where the medic has gone down and no one has FAK's left, Medkit does not revive if not on a medic, and the medic has a bag full of smoke and mags. Medic will bleed out leaving the team down a medic and will have to spend valuable time waiting on the medic to rejoin them assuming no further losses. That being said i don't usually carry lots of extra FAK's in my bag for the simple reason that they are generally reserved for reviving me personally, otherwise i should be doing my job and healing all team members so they don't have to use their FAK's.


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        The MXC is pretty good and shorter and lighter than the regular MX. I'm with you in that I'll generally have 10 FAK as well but will cut them down in order to carry more white smoke.

        Charges or launchers are not so good for the medic to worry about for sure. I love the idea of dumping the vest. I will be doing this more often! Do you have to drop the pack and then the vest or is this ArmA magic lol?
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          When I'm medic I take MXC, Holosight, 6 magazine, no side arm, Special Carrier Rig and and ECH if I can get them. I shave weight on weapons and ammo, then pile on the heavy armor on the theory that NOT dying as medic is job #1. Killing stuff is other peoples job. I consider it a successful medic run if I never get into a situation where I have to use my rifle at all. The only reason I don't carry and SMG is that given the minor weight difference I'd rather have mag interchangeability with the squad.

          I take the Assualt Pack with 1 Medkit and all the FAKs I can fit in. My uniform will have 10 Smoke grenades.


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            When I am a medic I like to coin the phrase "If you're the medic, you're the last man to die." This is a bit of a piece of advice as much as it is a statement. Like Noyava said, the medic's job is to hang back and look inward, squad-wise. I kit out with a kitbag which contains a medkit, 10 FAKS, 3 white smoke grenades, 1 colored smoke grenade(on commanders preference for marking) and an IR beacon("grenade..." for night ops. I love SMGs in CQC so depending on how far from base or resupply we are, I usually grab the .45 SMG and fill my vest with mags. I bring no pistol and my uniform is filled with 2 FACS and 6 Smoke Grenades in the unlikely case I have to drop my backpack and armor to sprint across a field or street for any reason.

            Like B, I dislike any weapon on a medic that encourages engagement over squad health. I typically do not micro-manage other medics in my squad within reason, obviously if they grab a sniper rifle or a giant MG I am going to tell them to stick to their role and take a carbine or MXC.

            No medic should ever be on point and I will gently call this out whenever I see it and I do my best to remember this as I take the role too. Its not a good idea to have the medic cross that street first.

            Love this topic

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              Depends on the number of people running the mission. If I am part of a 6 to 8 man total player team or less, then I consider equipping a rifle that can have an impact. If I was team leader, I would have to problem with the Medic having long range capability by using an AMS scope. It has a sweet optic for close quarters. My thought is, the medic can stay with an overwatch team and use the long scope to engage distance targets. If he is with the assaulting element then he can switch to the close quarters optic. I am not a fan of Medic/Snipers or Medic/AT or Medic/MGs. For me I would factor in the available personnel for the mission and then use the Medic based on the needs of the team/squad and consider a secondary marksman role.

              Straight up Medic- 6.5 MX with RCO, MedKit and 10 FAKS. 2 RGOS 6 Smokes. Then Magazines. RGOs can come in handy anytime and if I have to roll up on multiple wounded that have enemies nearby, I can deploy smoke followed by frags to kill that guy that just shot you.


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                My goal as medic has always been to get guys up when they go down, regardless of my loadout. Having said that I'm sure my loadouts have been somewhat annoying at times. Like Wilco, I have been conforming my loadouts to role specific duties. I usually grab an MX with a RCO, or similar optic, no pistol, no grenades, 6-8 faks, medkit, carryall pack, light vest, suppressor (for my own personal hearing), and a few smokes. I'm horrible about using smokes so you'll hear me calling for smoke and covering fire, a lot. I'm bad about staying in the back, prefer being closer to the action so I can react quicker. I also like being close so I can assure the injured that someone is gonna get them up. That comes from real work experiences of assumingthe victim can hear you. I also believe it lets those still fighting have confidence that someone will be there for them.


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                  When I'm medic I take MedKit and no more than 4 FAKS (never use it and idk why I need it, maybe only to heal myself so usually I bring them unused to base). Also were situations when many teammates were down, so I have to shot enemies before take care of friendly. For this I like not waste time to rearm (that needed to fallen mates) so I use magazines with 100 bullets for LMG. Lot smoke and some frags. Thats mine thoughts.


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                    For me medic is all about supporting the squad. I select gear that is compatible with my squad. I want to be able to fully keep up with the squads speed and will select enough gear for that. I also want to be quick enough to get across open spaces and mobile enough to get to ohter squads or more distant fire team

                    I always take a medikit and FAK's the amount of FAK's I take depenllds on my overall weigth but useally anywhere between 10-20. I take 2-4 smoke grenades with me to keep my weigth low. Often most players take some smokes with them and I use that. I balance my vest on capacity, protection and weigth where it is most important to me to keep mobile with decent protection if the capacity is lower that is not that much of a problem because I always have the backpack. If I got any space left I will carry spare mags for the group.

                    I always pick a rifle with the same capebilty's as the squad so I can participate on an equel level in any engament. This often means a rifle with the same ammo type and a RCO scope. Sometimes I wie minimize the amount of time I am exposed to the enemy and reduce the time I need to get to and help the wounded. I stay away from the LMG's and often from firing full auto suppressing the enemy is great for getting those heads down but also exposes you and gets the enemy attention focused on you. Firing for short times with few shots makes you harder to find for the enemy.

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                      Personally, in view of effectiveness and realism, no medic should have kit that crosses over roles. Lmg is a squad support weapon, specific role. AT/Anti Air, specific role. Medic should have a standard rifle fitted out for close engagements ie red dot and medical gear, that's it. Obviously smoke grenades. It's a critical role, it needs focus.

                      Rco scopes promote engaging at longer ranges and getting scope locked. You still need security when part of your squad is pinging long range, medic with red dot can do that by being focused on the Squad.


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                        P.S. We tend to have a number of players that come in as medic and loadout with a ghillie and a sniper rifle. I see absolutely NO reason for this. If I am leading or zeusing you will change your loadout, so don't even ask. If you slot as a medic, be prepared to play the role of medic.


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                          I would expect that if we run a mature tactical gaming group, then we should expect the members playing the mission to adapt to the situation as dictated by the manpower available to successfully complete the mission. That being said, if the Medic is in a member of a 6 or 8 team total mission strength team, then we should be able to maturely adapt to the situation, not go overboard, and if need to be rely on the maturity and discipline of the Medic as to when to engage and when to ficus on First Aid. If the the Medic is squared away and knows his role, then he should be able to follow the leadership of the team, which will either provide the direction as to when to get into the fight or the said leadership will show trust in his Medic to use discretion as when to take the initiative and use his equipment to maintain to advantage in firefight.


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                            In 60% of time I play on TG I have 3 men team. In this situation medic can't stay at CCP with pistol, coz there will be no progress. If I have only 3 players and I have to complete task I would like to see 3 medics in my team than others. Yeah, they should be Rambos with AR, AT and Medkit with scopes. Thats only way I see to get closer to target in TG missions, most of which prepared for 5+ players.


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                              Show me a Medic with a non standard issue weapon platform than that of his/her attached Squad, and I'll show you a dog that can talk.

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