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    Running as AR on the NATO side I'll stick with the MX SW. To me having interchangeable ammo is vital. Having your friendlies know the sound of your weapon is also comforting.

    When running as a standard AR (especially if the only AR) it is important to distinguish the difference between a normal fire team which should have a light automatic weapon and the heavier weapon systems. Bigger is not better!

    You want to have as much ammunition as possible. Your job is to suppress enemy positions and pin them down so your team can maneuver while the baddies are fixed in position and unable to return effective fire. So for this you want a lot of bullets at your disposal. Your job is not to search for those kill shots but provide the firepower that will let your riflemen be effective.

    Consider the most commonly known real world weapon for this job. The M249 Squad Assault Weapon (SAW) I think is a 5.56 weapon with 200 round belt typically housed in a box. The light cartridge means you have more bullets in the air during engagements , more suppression and is what most of us think about when you think light automatic weapon. The MX SW is limited to 100 round magazines by comparison. The mk200 is the most comparable to the SAW from the vanilla game and thus why many players prefer to use that when playing NATO even though it is an AAF weapon.

    With the LIM that is now out with APEX it is adding even more confusion into the mix. Again, I prefer to stick with the weapons that are standard for the faction I'm playing. The LIM is used by the Syndikat and perhaps supplied by CSAT? I'm not sure of that story but it does make a great AR weapon, but not for NATO.

    In general terms, I'll take a larger backpack in order to carry additional belts/drums, I try to have a pistol so that I have a back up in the event I'm in a reload situation in a CQB situation. I may grab one frag and 2 smoke. I figure that my job is to deploy smoke from the end of the barrel and not worry about concealing movements or extraction from an engagement. I can support all of these options with a high volume of fire.

    In addition, I generally do not want a scope on my AR. I want to be able to range it. Again, I'm not here for accuracy. In a special mission where the team is setting up for longer range engagements, that may be another story, but typically even if I have a scope, it is in the backpack.

    What I don't want is the heavier MG (machine guns) used for this role. The machine gun has it's place on the heavy weapons teams but it is a different role than the normal assault team. That will be another topic for later.

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    I dislike the mk200 even more myself because it's used by the FIA which we normally have as an opponent faction. But we would have to have either that or the LIM anyway so I am not too bothered.

    As an IAR with the SW I like to be as light as my fireteam and only stick to no backpack or an assault pack (5-6 or 11-12 mags) with an AAR that can carry a couple extra. I do not grab pistols unless I use belt-fed ARs. Having a squad where an AR has 40kg of equipment and a rifleman has 20kg of equipment seems like a bad mix although it is acceptable with 0-10 kg of difference so you can keep up but not become ineffective.
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      With APEX there is also the SPAR-16S with the 150rnd drum. It's my preferred AR rifle next to the MK200. I don't use the MX SW if i can avoid it since i might as well run the MX to save on weight instead of worrying about the 16% more ammo i can carry(based on total mags of each type). Not impressed with the LIM-85(technically i think it's supposed to be an old NATO weapon since it supposed to be the successor to the M249, but now it's a black market special), makes alot of noise, but doesn't do much in terms of damage would consider for a suppression weapon only. The My load out is standard with:

      Main:SPAR16S or Mk200 with RCO
      Secondary: .45APC
      Uniform:2FAK, 3 Sidearm Mags, smoke or something
      Vest: all ammo(tracer)
      Backpack: if i have one it's all ammo

      Something to point out i never pack RCO's or the like, every-time i try to use them they fail to kill anything but friendlies, even if the enemy is standing on top of it, so i don't even bother wasting the slot.


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        I am gonna concur with Unk and Xor on this front. MX SW is my preferred when with squadmates who are also using 6.5mm. I think it actually outperforms the FIA and AAF one. Feels lighter than the MK200 and a bit more agile in even CQB too.

        Have not had much time with the SPAR variant yet. I guess I do not take AR role in Tanoa as much.


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          AR = Automatic Rifleman. That says LMG in my mind and that will always be the SW if we're talking squad level. Share rounds, share mags, share engagement distance, almost portable.

          I believe MG and AR are often confused in practice, but that's not something we really focus on during our games.
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            I like both the Mk200 and LIM but, I do tend to lean toward the Mk200 over the LIM. I lean toward the Mk200 because it uses 6.5 (although in 200 rnd belts). It gives the same amount of punch as the SW but it does mean using an AAF weapon. Since I've started Zeusing missions I have gotten more particular about what players carry and what I make available in an arsenal. Last week I put together faction specific arsenals and my NATO arsenal does not contain the Mk200. NATO has the SW, AAF has the Mk200, and CSAT has a CAR variant.

            As for my personal loadout:
            MX SW with RCO or similar, bipod, and suppressor (again for my own personal hearing protection)
            lightweight vest with ammo and smokes - not exceed 50% capacity
            carryall pack with ammo, FAKS, and RGN no to exceed 50% capacity of the pack.

            When I am AR I concentrate on suppressing fire, even if I have a scope like the RCO. (I'm getting old guys and I need all the help I can get to see the enemy.) I think we can all agree that an AR should never have a long-range scope attached. Please guys, don't slap the MOS or LRPS on your AR. If I'm leading or Zeusing and see it I will have you remove it.
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              MK200, 600 Rnds, 1-2 Frags, 2-3 Smokes, FAK, and Binos if operating in a two -man gun team. Optic depends on the mission (desert with wide open ranges and long engagements= RCO; Jungle=Iron sights, RCO mission dependent). The MK i think is better at working over light armored vehicles when there is no AT.

              To me when I think of an Automatic rifleman, I think of the M249 weapon system. Rate of fire and impact of rounds. When I think of a Machine Gun, I think of the M-60 or M240, which operate as a crew served weapon. There is no vanilla M60 or 240 but the game attempts to replicate them. They serve a purpose when operate with at least a two man gun team.

              I have made a few missions recently and have developed some squad compositions that focus on the Suppression Side of things. For a four man fire team, I pair up the AR and AAR, then the TL and Rifleman. The 'gun team' is the AR with either the MK200 or LIM and 400-600 rnds. 600 Rnds is what I carried when I carried the M249 and at that time it was considered the combat load. The AAR carries the SW with 3-4 100-150 magazines and an extra drum for the MK200. The AAR also carries the Rangefinder to ID ranges for the AR. The TL is the grenadier and the rifleman is either light AT or whatever role that is required for the mission situation. I like to play more with this set-up because it allows a small team to set-up a base of fire that is more than capable and the TL and Rifleman can maneuver. Or the AR and the Rifleman (AT) can support while the AAR and TL maneuver.

              I prefer the MK200 or the LIM because they hold a 200 rnd belt which requires less reloads and more rounds down range when suppressing. I can't argue much against the MXSW other than I see the weapon as a gimmick. When you compare the three weapons (SW, MK200, LIM) the MK200 has the best rate of fire (with larger than 556 rnds,), the LIM and SW are eqaully the best in accuracy (depends on the shooter though), the MK200 and SW are equally the best for Range, the MK200 has the biggest impact and the SW is the lightest to carry (but do you carry more rounds? which ultimately add more weight).


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                DMZ Scout - in terms of "MGs" we have the under utilized SPMG and Navid MMGs. I'd love to see squads using those as squad focused weapons. It and its ammo are too heavy to use solo on any
                but the most static mission. Running it as a support weapon with an ammobearer whose range finding and directing fire is loads of fun.


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                  I do love me some SW!
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                    Personally, I like the SPMG the most. But even when you cut on weight on every other item you carry, 3 mags with 130 rounds each is not much. This gun really needs a personal ammo bearer, which are hard to get these days (maybe add a mule to the arsenal?). I can imagine using this in missions where the loadout is set by the mission maker.

                    As the server gained quite a lot more players, most missions are JIP missions were you can select the loadout yourself. I guess the SW is the save bet here for named reasons (interchangeable ammo etc.). You can carry your own ammo up to around 800-1000 rounds without the need for an ammo bearer that might or might not bring the right belt.


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                      assistant MMGs are the best. you can carry 5x130 rounds of .338 caliber and can still carry a rifleman loadout and weigh below 80% (less than your gunner buddy). :)

                      but I don't find MG's useful or fun unless it's at platoon level.
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                        I try to have a pistol so that I have a back up in the event I'm in a reload situation in a CQB situation.
                        Agreed with that above. However, minor pet peeve, I see players using their secondary system as their primary. It may look cool to some, but you are reducing your squad mates effective combat firepower.

                        Squad leaders pro tip#18
                        Place all the ammo, equipment, etc needed for the mission in the backpacks. Get to AO, drop it off somewhere safe. Preferably with the Weapons squad/element. Then move light and smooth with others without sucking air mid battle in the open.

                        Also, whilst on the subject.
                        I know, this is a game and there are many toys we can utilise. It would be nice though to be able to share the magazine or two to your squad mates when needed. So whether it is the LIM, SW, Lazer Phaser Blaster. Let's keep it uniform. That goes for all type of roles. Medics, Engineers, which are our current outliers.

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                          So, the age old question of which AR is better. To me, I am a mk200 type of guy. I tend to lean towards the weapons that look more conventional or that I'm used to seeing in everyday life. The mk200 fits the void of the m249 and I appreciate the 200 box mag. While I understand the versatility of the SW and how it can use the standard 30rd 6.5 magazine. It just looks like a regular rifle with a longer barrel more kickback and a bipod. I have no problem running any of these systems for each has their benefits and downfalls. My personal way to operate an MG is to be mobile yet law down the burst of suppressive fire. A 200rd box gives me more time on target and less time swapping out magazines.
                          As for a scope on an MG, it is probably the only rifle I run an optic on besides a marksman rifle. The RCO is more than enough needed for these things, and I feel it just fits perfectly on an AR. The only downside to having the optic is that in the wrong hands people start treating it as a marksman's rifle. I do feel that the MG is not utilized correctly in a lot of the missions played but oh well. Not many people like to run buddy teams with an MG gunner. I mean who wants to lug around ammo all day?


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                            When I think of AR I really want someone with a 200 round belt fed 7.62 monster. I do appreciate that really is the MG role but when I think about real fire and maneuver and weapon support roles I always want an MG over AR.

                            Much as I have here I think many people conflate the roles. AR is a useful kit/role. Having a 5.56 AR available to a small patrol does really up your sustained fire capability and provides close range suppression etc. Great for medium range fire and maneuver, breaking contact and so on.

                            However, when I think about larger groups, bigger terrain and longer ranges, it's MG all the way. Give me a heavy weapons/fire support group all day. Nothing like an MG to put out effective area effect fire at 700m+. So whilst they are different I'd definitely trade one for the other of I had to dependent on the mission/situation. Would love to see more use of heavy mgs at range and less use of the AR as an suppressed super assault weapon with bullets for days lol.


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                              Lol, yeah, nothing worse than being buddy'd up with
                              a) the Pistolero, presumably he's just watched John Wick
                              b) PDW man, a man who stands alone in his bad choices yet is willing to share the consequences of those choices with anyone who relies on him
                              c) Unnecessary and Inappropriate Sniper Man. When your jungle patrolling nothing gives me confidence more than knowing the guy watching my back has switched to a suppressed 9mm pistol




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