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Seeder mission fundamentals & SOP

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  • Seeder mission fundamentals & SOP

    What is a seeder mission you ask?
    They are at a basic level. A type of mission that allows for growth of players in the server for that particular time. Seeder missions also allows and accommodates for a growth of player numbers.
    Insurgency mission comes to mind as a good example. There may be more out there, but this mission is what is on this writers mind at the time of writing.

    Basic requirements.
    Use the in game map as your notepad. Type (a marker) some where suitable for new players to be able to read and kit out with basic gear needed.
    Uniform type, weapon type, radio frequencies (TFAR), Callsigns,our TS3 address,etc,

    *TFAR long range = 50 (Squad leaders, Pilots, higher)
    *TFAR Short range = 100 (Squad comm- main)
    *TFAR Shrot range= 101,102, 103, etc
    (101 for Current squads in AO, 102 for newly formed squad, using 100 to communicate between each other/or LR 50 instead)
    *OCP/UCP/NATO uniform used
    *556/6.5 STANAG weapons only

    OCD marker example:
    TFAR: Rifle - Freq 100
    TFAR: Rifle 1 Alpha- Freq 101
    TFAR: Rfile 1 Bravo- Freq 102

    Without TFAR in game channels are used this manner.
    • Side chat (blue colour)/Command Chat: Squad leaders, and higher.
    • Group chat (green colour): used within the Squad.
    • Direct Chat (white colour): used for all within proximity.
    • Vehicle chat (yellow colour): to be used for Crews.
    • Global Chat (white colour): Admins, or other important messages.

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