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64 bit Dust is Settling - Weekend of Chaos

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  • [INFO] 64 bit Dust is Settling - Weekend of Chaos

    Well for those of you that were around this weekend that was a bumpy ride wasn't it. However, we got a lot of stuff figured out and are in a really good place to go forward.

    First off, I apologize for not getting more information out here on the forums but things were changing so fast over the weekend that I was keeping our Steam collections updated, the channels in TS were current and two instances of the A3 installations were kept up to date.

    We went through many configurations as different fixes came out and at this point we have our regular Custom Coop Missions server running 64bit with CBA and Task Force Radio up and stable. Clients connecting with 64 bit are having no serious issues and I know of no issues at this time.

    We were also able to test out a fully modded instance and had that running by Saturday afternoon using CBA, CUP Terrains, Task Force Radio, RHS USAF and AFRU and ACE. Putting all of these variables into a mission Hearts and Minds and then amalgamating 4 different versions of this mission into one was also a bumpy ride. Nothing like jumping into editing ACE missions head first while you are tracking down bugs in any of the mods and the game itself. That was a picture perfect way of how NOT to do things, but we got very very lucky and again: The server is running 64 bit and clients were connected for many hours yesterday with very few issues.

    The admin team is working out some details yet but there should be some great news coming out in the very near future but it will involve some changes to how our instances will be configured going forward. This will have a significant impact on existing missions and those in development. I know this will cause some consternation among our mission developers, so don't worry, it should not be long before we get definitive details out. We need to manage any configuration changes in such a manner as to keep our amazing set of missions available as to keep our variety of content to our current standards. More to come...

    So thank you all for your help over this last week! Help came from all corners of our community and for that the entire team is very grateful for the cooperation and patience everyone displayed. This week we will likely continue the test program we have begun a few weeks back and on Thursday and Friday we will spool up the fully modded instance again. In the meantime, and for the next 3 days please join us as we run our regularly scheduled program. Watch these forums for developments, and feel free to contact myself if you need more detailed information.
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    Well you guys knocked it out of the park as Sunday night I was able to connect to the Hearts and Minds server with 64 bit and play all evening without a hitch. CUP maps, TFAR, ACE and all. Good work gentlemen.


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      Thank you to the Admin team, to those who participated, and any future directions!

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        Well done admins. To be honest I only had to reboot and then I was ready to rock.

        I wonder if there is enough historical data to determine if server performance has increased.

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          You guys did an awesome job, yea there was a few hiccups with the mods and getting acre worked out for some people. But overall everything seemed to run pretty smooth a day or 2 after the update. I was surprised to see how often you all were working on getting it all fixed up and good to go. Great job guys, proud to be here. and anything i can do to help just let me know.


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            From personal experience x64 is a life saver. While flying during Hearts and Minds, I was getting a solid 60+. Now, no idea if this has to do with a multitude of things needed to render on the map but either way it felt nice. I will have to test on Stratis today later tonight to see if it is the same results.




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