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    With the inclusion of our recent addition of MODs, and its subsequent mission (as titled). I think it would help us all in viewing and grasping the idea that the TGU is offering.

    This does apply to the day to day mission that we play also, but I think it would be great to those who are new/old to our server to have a read over.
    They aren't a novel thankfully, but made in a simple graphic format.

    I look forward to using these materials whilst in the game with you all.

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    Great link. With all the new players hopefully, there will be a TGU even going on soon to help with all the new guys. Great refresher.

    On a side note. Does anyone have a link for ACE medical? I feel a lot of us could use help on that even if we are running basic.


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        Great link man!


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          The advanced system seems really in depth, adds a whole layer of extra gameplay when fulfilling a medic role.


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            H&M is set up for today and I edited the mission this am to:
            • include a fuel truck that is on a regular respawn to protect against griefers
            • include a repair truck on a regular respawn
            • include ACE settings to allow the Medical truck to speed up casualty treaatments
            • fixed EOD unit in Socom group
            • enlarged base to have repair and objects outside of the player area
            • included vehicle makers for the Reful, Ammo & Medical trucks for asset managment
            • added a larger transport truck for troop movements

            Lowspeed is working on doing additional adjustments to include required gear in player loadouts and redoing all player slots and editing the arsental. When this is finished I will upload this as well.

            The instance is up and running for the day.
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              Originally posted by Unkl View Post
              H&M is set up for today and I edited the mission this am to:
              • include ACE settings to allow the Medical truck to speed up casualty treaatments


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                Im excited that ACE is back, my only question is, is this going to constant through the week? Some people were saying it was going to be thursdays only.


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                  ACE is currently only being run on Thursday's and Sunday's. That could change, but that is the current schedule.


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                    Hey guys. Just wanted to run something by everyone regarding HnM.

                    Tonight/early am, I spent 2-3 hours Leading for the server. Everyone was enjoying the game mode. However, something that kept coming up from just about everyone I came across was the night vision. Not being able to using Nods while scoped in may be more realistic, but hip firing with a peq box wasn't very high on anyone's list. It made us very ineffective as a whole. The flashlights that are in the game (via the peq box or peq/flashlight combo are pretty much worthless) Just some info I wanted to pass on.

                    As always, thanks to the dev guys for their continued effort.


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                      Stripe off those ACOGs and get familiar with your iron sights! :)

                      I'm sure we can put some of the NVS scopes from the RHS mod into the arsenal. That way people can swap out kit for night ops. Night ops against FIA guer faction is pretty asymmetric affair anyway. Those guys have neither NVGs or flashlights. Poor dudes can't see more than 3m in the dark. If you stay out of illuminated areas your a ghost as far as they are concerned.


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                        It doesn't work with anything. We had multiple people try every optic including irons and it didn't work. I'm not sure what the issue is with having that turned on. We use it in regular vanilla games.


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                          NVGs work with some scopes in Vanilla and not with others - generally anything magnified beyond the 4x of the RCO/ARCO/MRCO is not compatible with NVG.

                          That said, if your telling me that NVGs in RHS dont even work with iron sights, that's news to me and I definitely see that as a serious issue. Hip fire without the magic target reticle (always off at TG) is an exercise in frustration to be sure. I will test it out!

                          P.S. Whose up for Flashlight Night with FireForEffect? lol :)


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                            In almost 5 months of playing with TG ive never NOT had my nods work with any optic EXCEPT the short dot w/rmr ( i think its one of the 1-4x MOS optics)

                            Yes Mik can attest to using irons and not having night vision.

                            Right the aiming reticle is off but, what i meant was we had to hip fire using our IR peq lasers and hope it hits the target lol.

                            The flashlights are so bad! haha for some reason when using it from the side door of the choppers, it would light up the whole AO but ground level...nope 10 meters.


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                              I can tell you from years of ArmA that these optics work with NVGs:

                              MK17 holosight
                              Yorris J2 (CSAT pistol)
                              MRD (Nato Pistol)

                              These do NOT work with NVGs:

                              Marksman DLC: AMS
                              Marksman DLC: Kahila

                              These have NVG and/or thermal built in (do not technically work WITH your head gear):

                              TWS MG

                              Generally speaking at TG you won't see many scopes with higher magnification than the RCO line because longer range scopes tend to lend themselves to people playing long range turkey shoot against AI that does not respond well to that behavior. They dont hide well, or fire back - they just at best run in circles getting shot. You can of course crank up the AI skill to see and fight at that range, but then people get murdered by the AI and that's not fun either :)




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