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  • Request for Mission makers and open discussions for all

    Current situation, et al.

    Looking at ARMA (without Artillery, Armour, Air, etc) and blending it together. For me, it is a Light Infantry unit (whether mounted or dismounted) operating within their set organisational structure.
    There would be attachments made into a Squad/Section/Platoon: EOD, Combat Engineer, Combat Medic Technicians, etc. Depending on the mission requirements.
    However, that is kept to a minimum. Only being available if the mission absolutely needs such a role.

    They shouldn't be just placed into a squad organisation to "fill up" extra slots because the mission was too small for a squad size. If the mission requires more players, add in another rifle squad. No need to fictionalise what's not there. (off topic: I'd rather play with full squads vs limited opponents, rather than overwhelming opponents)

    Back on topic. Standard "operations" as we are used to, let's see. Let's clear one thing. There's a difference between an "operation" versus "mission". More on that later.

    A standard "game" to me is : Having a set objective at a time, for a limited duration expected. Unless situation allows/dictates otherwise.
    (off topic: I'd also prefer to play limited objective based per mission vs operations continuous)

    I'd rather see a stream of mission cycles per day, vs one operation for the day. Operations are bigger, takes longer to achieve due to its nature of the beast (i.e. Hearts & Minds is an Operation vs Assaulting an enemy bunker position is a mission).

    Plus, we could figure out what we did wrong, what we did right, what worked, what didn't, etc. Much better after a single objective. Rather than trying to recall multiples. It also gives us the opportunity to understand and realise that in order to a certain 'get that task done', we need to know the fundamentals and Tactics Techniques and Procedures stamped out prior.

    From a TGU Instructor perspective, a short concise mission is much more efficient and effective to participate and learn. Rather than a long drawn out 'campaign' of firefights.
    Which also needs to factor in the "Join in progress" issue constantly and bears more pressure for the leaders to effectively command and control their elements. Losing sight of the priority at hand, mission first.

    Proposal & Suggestions

    I'd ask our esteemed mission makers to develop an infantry centred missions (again not operations). With set organisation whichever the organisation you example.
    Example below:

    I. Situation:
    a. Enemy forces: Enemy size expected, over strength fireteam size , located at grid 12345678, overlooking this valley here. Their uniform is mixture of civilian clothing with various camo patterns. They are mostly equipped with AK variants, and possible RPG launchers. Their morale is high, and expect them to dig in during contact, and fight in their dug in positions.

    b. Friendly forces: Bravo squad (our sister squad in platoon), will be moving to clear this compound here at 1740hrs. Which is being overlooked by the MG nest at grid 12345678. It is crucial that we take out the MG nest and clear that enemy overwatch area before 1730hrs. This gives us "one zero" minutes window, but let's keep that window closed. I want this done before 1730.

    c. Attachements/Detachements: None, Pl leader attached 1 medic to Bravo Squad mission.

    2. Mission: "Destroy enemy fixed machine gun position, by 1730Hrs"

    3. Execution: We (Alpha squad) will step off at 1645hrs. Moving up to this area here. We will proceed to RP1, then to RP2. In column formation, Bravo front, Alpha rear. Squad leader will be in between. Once at FRV, which is also our fallback point. We will drop our packs and check equipment. The squad will maneuver to this dead ground, Bravo will setup here as base of fire. You guys should have a good field of fire and enough elevation overlooking the area.
    Then we (Alpha fireteam) will be fighting uphill. I expect Noise discipline during movements at all times.
    Bravo fireteam provides base of fire, and cuts off their route of retreat. Bravo will initiate contact first, on my command.
    Once Alpha team gets close enough, we will call for lift fire and throw frags over the into the bunker area. Alpha will assault and clear. Just in case, signal to lift fire will be marked with red smoke. Although, you guys at Bravo should see us clearly within your range.
    Once, cleared. We meet back by the MGun. Johnson will destroy that weapon with his frag if not, we will disable it. I'll assign Bravo team to move to FRV, collect the packs and return to this area. We will hold a 360, and await further.
    Using the above OPORD. All we need is a standard 1 x Squad. No need for a medic, no need for engineer, no need for EOD, no need for a pilot.
    A simple mission, done by specific time, for a simple specific mission.

    Why no medic you ask? well most infantry are taught basic aid training. If there's a Combat medic attached then there's a very good reason for it, or just plain lucky.
    All infantry should be able to patch up, but not perform battlefield surgeries in the field.

    There's great joy and reward when it comes to executing a plan, in your terms. Rather than being dictated by the enemy, which is usually the case with most current situations.
    I personally think there are great leaders here, and the new guys. We need an environment from time to time to enable them to grow and get used to that role.
    Instead of, asking for leaders to step up, take charge nilly willy without knowing what is required/helpful tools for them to lead with relative ease to start with.

    If we use even three squads per mission (Pl missions), we can employ the same basic mission parameters. Alpha, Bravo moving, Charlie supporting. Scale up, but scale up from a good foundation. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

    I propose that, we play more fundamental scenarios where. The basics of infantry is applied and practised. Rather than jumping from one operation to large campaign-esque missions with roles that are over reaching.

    It would be boring for some for sure, but trust me when you've worked together with a solid plan, and good leadership with even greater followers. This game, this basic of basic missions will reward you with something else. Then I have no responsibility, 'cause you'll be hooked.


    TGU Instructor TG Pathfinder

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    "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold

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    I'm on board with this! My missionn making skills are poor, but I'm in the process of making a set of missions with 2 squads, no medics (and no revive) and a half hour timer. My goal is to make missions that can spin up quick and wrap up cleanly.

    We will see how it goes. Generally speaking they will revolve around assualting fixed positions. I might try to branch out to sector clearing / patrol missions later.


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      In addition, I think using small bite sized missions. Would take us in the habit of ; Getting in the mission, choosing roles, reading the mission briefing, setting up a plan, then executing after 'map screen'. Where the planning is made out.
      The step mentioned above will not only allow the leaders to exercise their tactics, but also to allow them 'plan' ahead first. Looking at terrain, avenues of approach, time, visibility, etc. Much more than, just jumping in then getting in the fight, with no long term results but with a very small and short term reward in FPS games.
      I think by using the tools that are already available in vanilla ARMA, we can allow for more tactical planning, allow for input from others, and placing ourselves in an environment to grow as a player.
      Maybe I had too much gin, I don't know however it just seems that we're missing a trick here.

      TGU Instructor TG Pathfinder

      Former TGU Dean Former ARMA Admin Former Irregulars Officer

      "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold




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