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who needs the Nimitz when you can have the USS Freedom instead....

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  • who needs the Nimitz when you can have the USS Freedom instead....

    Free may 16th!

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    I just personally tested all them jets out on dev-branch.
    I never hesitated on that the swedish current jet would be the most fun to fly for me. Worse in every aspect but maneuverability which makes it better in a close-up guns fight (except it only has 150x 20mm rounds).

    The CSAT Neophron has always been my favorite and this new Shikra is a little disappointing in comparison.
    And the Black Wasp is probably the best choice of all, especially in number of hardpoints (up to 16 missiles and bombs both internally and/or externally) and it being the only jet in the game now with a canopy without a frame blocking the view.

    approx. 1000, 1300 and 1300 kph in speed makes them all just barely faster than any current aircraft ingame (neophron and xi'an is close up).

    Jets top-down

    Black Wasp


    Gryphon HUD

    Black Wasp HUD

    Shikra HUD

    Sentinel UCAV big fat uav that can carry 2 bombs or 4 atgm's with a top speed of 900 kph... works good for transmitting radar information to friendly aircrafts but that seems to be about it.
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      I'm already looking forward to the "Sector Control Carriers" mission where you have to capture four nearby carriers that are under constant airborne assault.

      Also jets are boring, when are the tanks being added? :)


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        Missions that start and end on a carrier deck. Now we're talking. Beach assaults, heilo infil and exfil from the deck. Deck operations (tow motors?) rearming, maybe some air control to the deck.

        Adds a whole new level to some of the "Fringes" in mission design. Add some air support (why not) and it's a whole package. Would also be nice to respawn ON the deck instead of in the water under the boat, but I guess I'm just fussy that way.

        Can't wait.


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          Carrier released on Dev-branch

          Nimitz 1

          Nimitz 2

          Nimitz 3

          On Foot 1

          On Foot 2 (Only first floor and a few squaremeters on the second floor can be explored in the tower)

          Ladder to tiny balcony

          Night 1

          Night 2

          Night 3

          It doesn't have the best catapult launch animation and positioning (yet) but as long as it works it's good with me.

          Sadly it's only a flight deck and nothing else

          Standalone destructible AA/AAA Turrets - Can be operated with a UAV terminal. 21x short-range missiles, 8x medium-range missiles and 3100x 20mm rounds on their loadouts.
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            Xorilliz thank you for your thorough investigation of the new material and the screen shots you provided.

            I am excited for the opportunities this provides as well, it will be nice to have a mobile base that can be placed anywhere outside of Altis Island, but doesn't limit us to only airstrips.

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              Playing with it now, and i like it. The carrier is essentially the same as the Nimitz mod, but with BIS interfaces. landing also seems much more reliable so far than the Nimitz mod. the launch sequence needs some work, but it kinda functions (unless you don't hold down space at which it will just release the cat and let you slowly roll off in to the water XD)

              Testing the jets now, but i like some of the changes they have made like throttle % shown and HUDs

              Edit: the new HP is awesome and adds a nice refresh touch to emergency landings. Like say landing in a tree after your engine got shot out...
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                I just took a look at the jets dlc. It is awesome. I recorded the offical jets showcase.

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                  Who isn't looking forward to today? I imagine we will be doing a lot of exploring later to see how the sensor overhaul affects the tanks and all things targeting. They usually release the updates just after I get to work :( lol
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                    I went crazy and read the OPREP on the sensor overhaul. Even us ground pounders are affected by some of the platform changes.


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                      jets dlc released

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                        and the DLC isn't a total lose for infantry folks:
                        • Added: Khaki variant of the Mk17 Holosight
                        lol : )




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