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SCORPION OPS: POISON ARROW - Event Discussion Thread - Saturday April 29th @2pm EDT

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  • [INFO] SCORPION OPS: POISON ARROW - Event Discussion Thread - Saturday April 29th @2pm EDT

    Scorpion OPS: "POISON ARROW"

    These missions chronicle the activities of SCORPION.

    The Developing Situation

    SCORPION COMMAND:This is what I have for you

    "NSA's super-computing directive NIMROD recently flagged suspicious audio communications near Kunduz, Afghanistan. Voice Translation and Analysis of a cellular call raised several alarms requiring investigation.

    The participants of the cellular call can be heard discussing, in English, several topics of conversation concerning transportation of an object referred to simply as 'tools'. A voice in the background of the call can be heard saying 'Triggered Arc Regulator' which are highly specialized electo-mechanical devices. Voice matching has identified a local militia leader named Abu al-Bari as the person speaking on the receiving end of the call.

    Subsequent research and review of defense contractor manufacturing records report a recent incident in which a TAR was misplaced and has not yet been recovered, this incident is now being treated as a theft.

    39 hours after the intercepted communications, the positive identification of Abu-al-bari, and the discovery of the stolen TAR, the situation now has the President and DOD's full attention and we've been ordered to investigate and intercept.

    Triggered Arc Regulators have two specific functions, the first is used in the ignition of very large rocket motors and the second is used to start the detonation sequence of fission-based nuclear weapons."

    ************************************************** **********************************************

    Area of Operation: Kunduz has waxed and waned under extremist control since the late 90's and it's concentration of militia-controlled regions makes it one of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan. From west to east, half of the region is an elevated plateau which holds various compounds and strongholds containing Abu al-Bari's militia. Most of the civilians were chased out over two years ago so assume all armed individuals are hostile.

    Execution: Scorpion element will move out from camp and strike the Plateau from the North East. Surveillance shows heavy fortifications surrounding the area so a focused, non-separated approach is suggested to punch through enemy lines. The ground around Kunduz is uneven providing many different areas of cover simply by navigating through the gullies and valleys on the plateau.

    Mission Specific Details and Tools

    OPENING AND CLOSING DOORS - Use LEFT CNTL + SPACE BAR to open ANY and ALL doors. There is a bug on Kunduz that freezes doors in place, but the ACE mechanic of using control and space bar overrides this caveat.

    BREACHING COMPOUNDS AND THE TACTICAL LADDER - The compound walls of Kunduz can be breached by using breaching charges. Tactical Ladders can also be deployed to climb over compound walls. NOTE: Do NOT use Satchel charges or large demolition charges for this task. You will likely kill yourself and many people around you if you're not careful with the bombs.

    ADVICE FOR SQUAD LEADS - Wet teams consist of two three man fireteams. This is done deliberately to maximize the use of cover while breaking and breaching a compound. Use the Senior Operators to manage their own three man fireteam and stick together and operate the squad as one.

    GEAR AND REARM - There are no arsenals or additional weapons to choose from, however there are a lot of additional tools at your disposal including generous amounts of ammo, equipment and explosives found in each team's Offroad Vehicle.

    VEHICLES - The Offroads should be well protected by the teams and not used for recon in any manner. The enemy in the AO is known for their use of RPGs and other explosives so keep that in mind. Trucks are to be used for field rearm, transport from point to point behind FRIENDLY lines and re-enforcement ferry to the front. The Repair Offroad vehicle has an extended inventory and accelerates medical and repair efforts to those in its 5m range.

    MEDICS - (ACE BASIC WOUNDS) Medics are recommended to operate independently of the squads and to remain with the command element. CCPs should be established and advertised to nearby wet teams and medics should organize rescue efforts with the team members of wounded operators, only Medics can use Epinephrine and can heal injured players more efficiently when in range of the repair Offroad. The carry option is accessed through the ACE Health Menu.

    A NOTE ON THE TECHNICAL OPERATOR - Tech Ops play several roles in SCORPION including command assistance, repair, engineering, demolitions, tactical surveillance and mission-asset protection.

    THE SHARPSHOOTER - The Sharpshooter has an adjustable scope so make sure you have an understanding of the optics in ACE.

    Objectives and COMSIG


    TG-189ᵀᴴ ArmaXO TGU Instructor

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    What mods will this mission utilize?


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      You will need:
      CUP Units
      CUP weapons
      CUP ACE3 Compatibility Addon - Weapons
      Kunduz, Afghanistan
      Advanced Urban Rappelling

      Or use the collection:
      TG-189ᵀᴴ ArmaXO TGU Instructor


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        HotDogSymmetry Will be mission commander and will be working with the administration to select roles.
        TG-189ᵀᴴ ArmaXO TGU Instructor


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          Vic stage 1- All vics will station here and hold for Tech Op to assemble Darter. While gaining the Information of the complex on the hill before objective one. This complex will be a staging point.

          Objective One - the Scorpion Heavy will set up to provide supportive fire on objective 1 with Scorpion 1. These teams will take OBJ-1. This will happen as Scorpion 2-3 move onto the next objective and hold. Once OBJ-1 is removed Scorpion Heavy and 1 will load into the vics.

          Objective two - Using the ladder both teams will enter from black arrow. From here they will stay within the walled section looking for the ammo cache. By this time the Vics should be on standby to tend to the wounded. The ladders should be reclaimed and the vics left in the back section of the of the complex marked with black star.
          Vic stage 2 - once objective two is removed the remainder of the compounds near it will be searched and cleared.

          Objective Three- Weapons team will set up in the red triangle. Scorpion 1 moves with them. all other units in green circle, if UAV is available to will be used.The wet-team will be tasked with taking the safe house and also placements of explosives to demo the building. Once the compounds and road is clear from Objecive 2 to Objective 3 move the vics move to objective three POS.

          Objective Four- Once all units are together Objective four will be attacked. Each team will have a medic tasked to the team. Scorpion 1-3 will move along the red line and hold for the scorpion heavy to get into place on the two story over looking all three sections. Once the Objective is completed the vics will be moved onto scorpion heavy POS. From here move down the hill to leave the vics here.

          Objective five-
          All teams will move towards the bottom complex and clear it.

          Scorpion 2-3 attempt to move around the complex. using the tactical ladders at the black arrow. Once over move to the red diamond and use the ladder here to gain access to the complex. Find and eliminate the target. Scorpion 2 will hold the ground level socrpion 3 will take second level.
          Scorpion Heavy and 1 will move to cover the front entrance if the target makes a attempt to flee. The teams will break off to the left side of the complex and follow the wall and read ya ambush if needed.

          This may change due to information coming in real time from our assests.




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