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Now that was a Tactical Tuesday!

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  • Now that was a Tactical Tuesday!

    For almost 7 hours (I did take a dinner break) I was in the Zeus role for Tactical Tuesday. First, let me thank CapShawns and (MPL) Trace for their stellar Zeusing. For the record, they weren't assisting me, they were my brothers in arms. It was my first time sharing the Zeus throne with Trace and I quickly discovered he is just as sneaky as I am. Let's do it again, Trace.

    Second, I want to thank every player that took part in last night's battles. For most of the time we had from the mid 20's to the mid 30's on the server. The last 2 hours, I was on, we broke 30 players and more than once I heard players' astonishment when they got in teamspeak. Thank you to those that were leading throughout the night. When we have 30 - 35 players it's easy to lose control but, mission leaders, SL, and TL's kept the players focused and moving forward. There were only 2 situations where BadStache the admin had to get involved so that says a lot about the vast majority of our players. Again, thanks.
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    Link to AAR ->

    Well done Stache, you, Trace and Shawn kept us busy and that is not an easy task. This highlights the power that the Arma pocket of TG has in terms of creating entertainment. When we got started it was tabula rasa, quite literally and you guys built up a campaign that never felt anything but fresh and exciting from moment one.

    Thanks for Zeusing, it made the evening very enjoyable.

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      Yeah, was a great night! Thanks all "enemy" and friendlies




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