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  • Friday Night Fights

    MadSoloSniper and I will be firing up a Zeus mission this afternoon/evening. Expect Forward Observer roles, long range indirect fire support, strict Rules of Engagement and a restricted arsenal. Bring your FAKs and bullets and be prepared for battle!

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    I will be on later as well, so count me in!


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      I will be there!

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        We've set a time and map. Mission will kick-off at 7 eastern, 6 central on the Sahrani map.


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          Hey guys, any idea how long this will be running? I have some errands to run around that time so I may not be on until later. If I make it on, I'm looking forward to it. If I don't, have fun!


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            We'll keep going as long as we have players and Zeus can stay awake.


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              The initial landing went well and the primary assault teams were able to secure the deep water port of Dolores.

              Due to the limited response assets in the region ground troops will be limited to the available support assets coming out of Tripoli by way of the Navy.

              There is a secure FOB in the town of Dolores for ground units to operate and resupply from.

              Initial orders are to RECON the town of Corazol as a possible choke point defensive position.

              Further actions will include a push to the town of Paraiso and operations to secure the associated airport.

              Once the airport is secure the Air Force can reinforce the ground units and deliver advanced weaponry and assets from further resupply points.

              Once we have requisite forces in the area the further ground assault to the north can begin.

              OPCOM Out . . . . . . .


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                Friday Night Fights - June 2 2017

                What a night for Friday Night Fights. Great team work and some excellent movement (and top notch GL rounds - kept taking out every AI I would control - well done).

                We spent all night on the Tasikstan Map and while we didn't have a huge player count the teams on the ground worked well, kept moving and kept engaging and clearing objectives. Thank you to BadStache for Zeusing with me and keeping the teams forward and moving effectively (and dealing with a few newer players). Good team work in "The Chair" and I thought the missions went off well with some good surprises for the teams.

                OBJ 01 - Clear the over watch post
                A smaller squad of men started the evening and moved to the hill top and effectively cleared the objective. Collecting some INTEL from the post that will prove useful in future missions (really, did you think I would not incorporate some "discovery' in all the fighting??)

                OBJ 02 - Investigate and secure the town
                Moving with vehicles the growing team moved to investigate a nearby town only to find a well constructed and defended roadblock. It took some time and a few movements to get through the enemy guarding the post but the team was able to successfully move in and through the town securing the post.

                SIDE NOTE - thank you for the effective use of demo to destroy any enemy cache elements, vehicles, and sensitive information - well played and I will note that for future missions as a good parameter item - awesome stuff team.

                OBJ 03 - Secure the Mosque and destroy the weapons Cache
                The highlight objective of the evening. Adding some air support (ok a few of them given Frodo's penchant for getting shot down last night) the team moved to a mosque to clear and find and destroy a large cache of enemy weapons and armaments. After clearing the town and the enemy presence the team only needed to move across a road, down a dark alley, and find the cache for destroying. It took some time as it appeared that NO ONE wanted to see what was "behind door number 3" but finally they moved into the courtyard (empty) and destroyed the cache.

                SIDE NOTE - see isn't the anticipation of what MIGHT be there more gut wrenching than just "Finger on the trigger" shooting all the time?? - LMAO

                SIDE NOTE TWO - again as the team left they destroyed both enemy assets and their own vehicles so the enemy can't use them in future missions - excellent use of demo (and another point I will add to future missions - don't clean up after yourself and those assets might come back to haunt you in future missions).

                OBJ 04 - Exfil
                After a good amount of enemy engagement the team was due a rest and some flown in T-bones and Beers for their efforts. BUT not before Frodo hits one more tree on the way back to the FOB. Good thing it was an RHS heilo able to take some damage or that would have ended badly.

                Stache is working on a new Heilo for Frodo . . . . one with training wheels - Love you Frodo . . awesome stuff, can't wait to see you soon.

                In all, amazing night and I had a hoot in the Chair and helping you guys to have what I hope was an awesome set of objectives. Post up some AARs on the mission in the AAR Thread above and tell me (us) what you liked and what you didn't, what we could do more of and what there was maybe too much of.

                Thanks team, always a good time and always TG professional. Well run.

                Solo . . . . . out . . . . . \


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                  Good stuff, last night. Thank you, MadSoloSniper for your excellent Zeusing skills. I was able to take more of a support role, helping get the JIPs geared, coordinated, and moved forward. I prefer using vehicles to move you guys instead of teleporting and last night I did some transport flying in the valleys of Takistan. Manpower started out low but we got up to 12 in-game. Not bad for a pick up game. Gonna try to make Friday Night Fights a regular thing so clear your schedules for some game time. Thinking about something for the new jets for next Friday. Suggestions accepted.


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                    Friday Night Fights is back with a Zeus based mission from MadSoloSniper. Pre-party begins at 7:00 p.m. EST - Main Pain at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Come join in the fights as we test your skills and your aim.


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                      Project OPFOR gives us so much more different types of enemies that are relevant to today's conflicts. Islamic State, Boko Haram and all of that. Kinda excited to check out these new enemies and even different friendly units too (ANA, Kurdish forces)


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                        Just wrapped up another Friday Night Fights and we had a good turnout. I want to make these Friday Night games a regular thing.We'll do Zeus on occasion but I want to do as many custom missions as we can. It doesn't have to be a 2 hour long mission. I'd like to run 3 or more short missions. Feel free to throw out some suggestions on what you would like to see for Friday Night Fights.


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                          This Friday Night's Fights will be a Scout night. We'll be running some new missions from our very own DMZ Scout. We'll start off on Malden with a small 10 player mission that is a lot of fun. Then we'll head over to Tanoa for a bigger mission complete with armed Hueys and gunboats. We'll try to start up at around 7 p.m. eastern time. That's 4 p.m. for you left coasters and midnight or later for our European players. Let's see if we can make Friday Night Fights as popular as Tactical Tuesday.


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                            Friday Night Fights is kicking off at 7 p.m. eastern time. Say hello to the family, eat your supper, and then join us on the COOP server. See you there.


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                              Thanks for the game guys! Unfortunately, my ISP thought I had enough of online time for the night and decided to have another total failure ...




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