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  • I WANT does not equal I GET

    When you take part in a mission on the COOP server you are joining a mission that may be Custom made or Zeus made. These missions often have restricted arsenals or even role specific loadouts. If you run up to an arsenal and don't see your favorite kit in there, it's okay. The world is not coming to an end. The gear a mission builder or Zeus has provided has been done so for a reason. Most often that reason is to foster the team play that we look for here at TG. Please don't start a mission by asking for a different weapon, scope, or backpack.

    The same goes for a mission. If you join a mission and for whatever reason you don't like it, don't start griping or begging for another mission. Be construction not destructive. Other players might be enjoying the mission and your attitude will quickly affect their attitude. So, if you don't like a mission for whatever reason take a break. You are not forced to play a mission you don't like but you are expected to be respectful of other players and of the mission developers who might be in-game. If you have constructive suggestions to improve the mission then present them in a constructive manner and the proper place. That place is not in-game. If in doubt, reach out to an Admin.

    So, in summary. Just because things aren't the way you want them does not mean you will get what you want. How you deal with it shows your maturity and your respect for others. Your ability to respect others will directly impact your game play and theirs.
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