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CAA, what's a CAA?

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  • CAA, what's a CAA?

    Player: "How can I report something?"

    Me: "You can tell me, right now, or you can file a CAA."

    Player: "What's a CAA?"

    This is a question I've heard and I have even asked. What is a CAA? It is an acronym for CONTACT AN ADMIN. As you read this you can look to the top of the Armed Assault page and you will see the first heading is "Contact an Admin". This is were you can report issues, ask questions, offer ideas, etc. The CAA is a confidential posting to the Admins. The only people that will see your post are Admins and yourself. The purpose of the CAA is to help maintain a strong community. It's best used when you can't talk directly to an Admin. Admins can't always be in-game so this is the next best (if not the best) way of communicating with us. I have even asked players, that have brought an issue to my attention, to also write a CAA post so that all the Admins are aware of what is happening. We will read your CAA post and we will respond to you.

    Just remember, If in doubt, Contact an Admin.
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