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Couple of questions about joining the server..

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  • Couple of questions about joining the server..

    Never played ArmA3 online as I've never felt comfortable enough with the controls etc. to not be a liability more than an asset. I've spent some time configuring them now to the point I can feel comfortable at least with the basics.

    So now I'm wondering how you select a squad to play with since ArmA isn't set up like Squad (AFAIK) and what channel is normally used for VOIP.

    Also , what is the difference between "Push to Talk" and "Voice Over Net" as declared in the MP keys in ArmA3.

    [CoFR] BeerHunter

    You shouldn't feel bad because you're not succeeding. It's far better to feel confident that you have the ability to handle failure

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    Hey Beerhunter! I'll try answer your questions the best i can!

    Firstly, you'll always be welcome on the server no matter how confident/comfortable you feel playing. We will always help you out!

    As for squads, it really does depend on the mission that is being played. Some missions have pre-defined squads that are sorted out in the slot selection screen. Other missions there are no defined squads and you can sort them out in game. This is usually done by using the squad management (U key) system or some other option. Don't worry tho, if you are unsure just ask and someone will help you out!

    Voice coms in arma3 is quite a bit different from other games. I'll break down the channels for you
    Global: This channel goes out to every person on the server. We generally don't use this channel.
    Side: This channel goes out to every person on the same side as you i.e all blufor players. You would use this channel if you have just joined a mission that has already started and need to get in touch with whoever has taken role of the mission commander to find out what they want you to do.
    Command: This channel can be used by anyone in a leadership role, and will only go to other players in leadership roles.
    Vehicle: This one i think is pretty self explanatory, anyone who is in the same vehicle as you can hear you on this channel.
    Group: This channel is your squad net, anyone in the same squad as you can hear you on this channel. This is the channel used 99% of the time.
    Direct: This channel is essentially you talking through your characters mouth. It doesn't have a very long range so if you are too far away from someone you wont be able to hear them.

    Now at TG we use a Mod called Taskforce Radio (TFR for short). Its not compulsory to use but it does add another layer of immersion into the game.
    It uses teamspeak which offers a much more solid platform for voice coms (arma3 is notoriously buggy, although it has gotten alot better) With TFR you have your directional, local chat, then you have radios. Short range and long range. These are actual items in game, so you need to have them equipped for it to work (pretty much all our missions have short range radios loaded as default) The radios use channels, so in order to talk and listen, you have to be on the same channel. short range is generally used for squad chat However they do have a range (aprox 1km-5km) so if you are too far away you wont be able to talk to people. The long range radios replace the backpack slot on your character. As the name suggests they have a much larger range. Long range is normally left for the Mission commander, Squad leaders, and support roles (Helicopter pilot, Arty support etc etc)

    As for the keys, i can't remember the difference for the Arma3 voice coms.

    Hope this helps a little bit, I would say, the best thing to do is jump into teamspeak and join us in game, and someone will be more than happy to help you out!

    just as a word of warning in regards to teamspeak. There is a channel set up for use with taskfroce radio. If you join that channel when you are not in game it can sound very hectic but as soon as you get in game (as long as you have the mod installed) it sorts itself out.


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      The "Push-To-Talk" key will only transmit while you hold the button down. The "Voice-Over-Net" button will allow you to toggle the transmit on and when you are finished speaking your message you press the button again to toggle the transmit off.

      Beerhunter, Browna is exactly bang on because each mission may have used slightly different scripts to add features like earplugs, group management and so forth. So the best way to get in an learn is just to jump in with us. All our players are very helpful in getting new players oriented.

      Most missions now use the in-game Group Management system which is usually the "U" key to bring it up. On the left hand side of that window you can see a list of players. You can click on any of the existing groups and then click join. You would then be able to use group channel to speak to them. You would then see the map markers they are using that they have placed in their "group" channel. In many of our missions, you won't see individual group members on the map unless you have joined their group. Leaders can see their group members and the positions of the other leaders.

      Yes, map markers and lines that players add are automatically shared on the digital map network so everyone can see them. You have a choice when you place those markers as to what channel you want to place them in. This allows you to say plot out a route that you will take with your vehicle by drawing a line. You can put this in vehicle channel so that it only creates map clutter for those in the same vehicle as you.

      A mission commander can put marks on the map in command channel so his squad leaders know what the next phase of the plan is. However the squad leader can choose when to share that information with their group. This can be very helpful when you have new guests that would run head first into the next contact to "get da killz".
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        Well thanks for the info Hope to see you in game this week end.
        [CoFR] BeerHunter

        You shouldn't feel bad because you're not succeeding. It's far better to feel confident that you have the ability to handle failure


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          As you can see, we have lots of communications channels we can use. It took me a bit of time to sort them out myself and got most confused by Direct in VON and Local in Teamspeak. These 2 options serve similar purposes of communicating with players nearby. However, they are 2 completely different channels with the local in TS having better range.

          Some things to know about the keys to use when using comms:
          Task Force Radio uses Capslock as its default PTT button. So go into your game setting (Configure) and go to the Multiplayer selection. Make sure that Capslock is NOT selected for "Push to Talk" or any of the VON channels.

          In teamspeak, make sure your push to talk button is not set to Capslock. The PTT option in ts is for the LOCAL communications. To check this in ts, go to "tools - options - capture" and set a custom keybinding that is easy to reach and remember. For me it is the semi-colon which is then bound to a mouse button.

          For VON you can keep it simple. I have TAB set as my in-game PTT button and can change VON channels by cycling thru the comma or period keys. If you have a programmable keyboard you can take it a step further and setup custom keybindings for each of the VON channels.

          Once you are in-game any of the guys will be happy to help you sort it all out. Look forward to seeing you.
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            BeerHunter Just get in and join us. Everyone will help you and get all of that "Tech" above sorted out. I was there once and it seems like a huge hill of learning, but it comes quick enough, and the journey . . . . . amazing and well worth it.

            Hope to see you on the server soon.

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