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Russian Escalation Ep 02 - Sat AUG 05 2017 @ 2pm EDT - DISCUSSION

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  • Russian Escalation Ep 02 - Sat AUG 05 2017 @ 2pm EDT - DISCUSSION

    Sign up thread. Discussion goes here.

    Players will be playing as Russian MSV forces with limited equipment and assets. However there are much to loot once the first phase is completed. Helicopters, fixed wings to capture and use for further operations. Initial assault will be mechanized type of operation. However, after the airfield is captured, the further operations will be air-cav type of missions. Thus, those who request the crew/pilot slot should be willing to do both at some point. There are two fixed wing Russian made assets for capture also. To be able to utilize it, those who take pilot slots should possess fixed wing skill as well.

    As part of my effort to steer away from revive, this mission also features a no-revive setting. So keep your head down and seek cover when under fire.
    Initially there are only 5 respawn tickets available for those moments where players are too brave or old habits of relying on revive. Spectating is available for those who die after the respawn tickets have ran out.

    There are reward tickets which are added each time a small objective is completed. Reward tickets are 5 each. If nobody dies, after the airport is captured, potentially the Russians could gather ~45 respawn tickets. Those who are spectating can come back into the game as reinforcements using these reward tickets.

    During the airfield assault, the vehicles will be used as respawn points. Managing logistics of their placement closer to the frontlines and in safe place will ensure faster and safe reinforcements. After the airfield is captured however, sole respawn point will be at the airfield itself. Thus, having a transport pilots to ferry reinforcement forward will also be essential part of the logistical challenge.
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    Starting Position from a UAV feed.

    First phase AO on map

    Assets available inially.




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