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    As per previous post (, here is another to keep the juices flowing.
    Maybe I should call this the "WWYD" series...

    You, and your team moving through a built up area. You about stacked up, about to cross the street where the orange indicator is.

    How you would cross, and explain your reasoning.

    p.s. Use the numbers denoted on the image below for brevity or not.

    Click on link for photo reference:


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    1 scans left, 2 scans front and right, 5 scans rear
    3 crosses and scans front and right (same scan angles as 2 because of the different angles in windows etc and at whatever is outside of the picture which I assume is another street and more alleyways, so a 4-way street ... both teams have no cover from right side)
    4 crosses and scans left (crouch corner)
    1 crosses and scans rear over and behind 4
    2 crosses, takes up position behind 3 (pointman) and scans right while 5 is especially aware before crossing and taking up the middle position calling set and the group moves on
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      From the image posted, I can see what it looks like an enemy rifleman on the second floor of a two-storey building that is right of the civilians. That enemy position has an angle that can effectively engage friendlies when they start to cross.

      The first thing i see is that the squad needs to check all enemy positions left of the msr BEFORE THEY CROSS.

      So, 1 should crouch an set up his gun towards the enemy rifleman in the window. 1 won't be able to scan left because of the jeep.
      2 should be standing and attempt to position his gun left to scan left of the MSR. 2 can overlook the jeep while standing and the jeep gives cover for 1.
      2 will be able to see a rooftop (also in image) that is above the jeep. In case if enemy pops out because civilians spot friendlies and start screaming, 2 has his gun towards that rooftop.
      3 will position his gun right of 1 and 2 to watch the MSR up ahead in case if enemy pops out.
      4 will watch across the street to make sure that no enemy will flank their position.
      5 will always watch rear

      So if the enemy approaches from the right flank or across the MSR, or the civilians spot the squad and start screaming, The squad should cancel the cross and move to cover.

      IF the enemy rifleman in the window spots 1 and 2, 1 will engage immediately and the rest will use smoke as outlined below. However, in this situation, they prep to cross quicker before the enemy reacts


      I am assuming they have smoke grenades, 2 ,3, 4 and 5 will use white smoke to cover their move. They will throw smoke first and then 1 will engage the enemy in the window.
      2 will throw smoke far left of MSR, 3 will throw smoke towards the center, Far across the MSR, 4 will throw smoke across the MSR to the right side, and 5 will throw smoke to the rear That way, all their flanks are covered.
      1 will engage that rifleman in the window, 2 will keep his eyes left of the MSR, 4 will cross by moving right side then straight across 3 will follow. 4 and 3 will set up on the other side watching the left flank of the MSR where 1 and 2 don't have good eyes on.
      2 will cross next to set up behind 4, and 3. The blue van were the civilians are has good cover for 3 and 4 's right side of MSR.
      2 will keep his gun positioned left of 1 and 5 watching the rear of 1 and 5.
      5 will go to 2's original position.
      Then lastly, 1 and 5 will cross the street and rally behind 2.

      The group of civilians by that blue van will likely run around when they hear gunfire, so 1 and 2 should keep in mind to watch were there fire to prevent civilian casualties.
      the squad will move to their objective.




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