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Silly Arma 4 wishlist thread?

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  • Silly Arma 4 wishlist thread?

    Backpack fed LMGs

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    My wishlist is not that silly but I suppose it gets away from what a lot of people want/think Arma should be.

    I'd like an increased focus on all the infantry elements as opposed to adding more vehicles, jets etc. I'd swap better, more detailed terrain with more emphasis on interiors than there is now. Less endless empty maps or cut and paste buildings. I definitely don't want another 'holiday island' map like Altis etc. Whilst the map is an incredible achievement it also feels wrong and weirdly out of place.

    I know some people are tired of the mid East setting but I personally would like to see more detailed mid East locales, actual towns and cities that are more than just blocks of the same buildings. I've also had my fill of European forest maps. Give me built up, war torn areas with rubble etc, somewhere that looks like a war zone.

    Obviously performance enhancements so your fps doesn't drop to a third in mp with scripts running.

    Better weapons for Infantry, ie no more future weapons etc or ugly fantasy Dmr's. Preferably real world stuff or renamed versions.

    Get rid of the enemy AI flinching after 2 to the chest and then accurately returning fire.

    Most people playing Arma are in an infantry role most of the time, focus on that, make it smooth and responsive, then work on the rest.


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      Wicks I'm with you on all of those.

      My list:
      • AI that actually can't see through foliage
      • AI that can't see through smoke
      • realistic reaction time and gun waiver (missed shots) - I know we can dial this down, but that's not the answer
      • Real guns with real ballistics - 12" barrel 50cal dual rifles is just not cutting it for me
      • Wounding systems are so all over the place it's hard to say at this juncture how much of it is the engine and how much of it is us messing with scripting to try and make it "different" - incorporating some of the ACE wounding (being able to continue to fight on with a small wound) in the base engine would be nice (maybe this is already true and we've mucked that up) but going down on first strike has me either believing in AI first shot head shots - or a wounding system that is a little too sensitive.
      • Maybe my old eyes and brain can't keep up with 60FPS or maybe it doesn't matter to my brain anymore, but I'm pretty good with 30FPS and seem to get it pretty consistently in game. For those that have issues I'd point to Star Citizen where people are building rigs just to support the game play needs (maybe it's time to upgrade guys . . . wink), but if we're going to improve the ambients then maybe some engine tweaking to make it run smooth would be a good ask as well.

      Most of my others are smaller "fixes" that are adequately handled by MODs and probably still will be.

      Good stuff, never hurts to ask BI for what would be helpful to keep the franchise fresh and relevant.

      Thanks for the thread team,



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        On top of all that, I'd ask for realistic physics as far as structures are concerned. Doesn't make much sense to me that a cobblestone wall can stop an 80-ton main battle tank dead in its tracks.


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          You mean you aren't into the flying tanks?


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            Wicks, I think I would like a North African / Isreali type terrain or even go way back to flashpoint and talk about some open Mongolian Plains operations.

            I would like to see some environmental destruction with better physics.

            I like vehicles and use them alot but better infantry movement is a must and getting the system to be a bit more fluid and less clunky would be nice. Also the ability to actually walk on moving boats, and stuff. Oh and not have vehciels that should be able to load into one another explode on contact.


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              I agree with pretty much all of you except I'd love to see a focus on destructability over physics.
              physics is a nice touch but simple destruction of everything from buildings to vegetation I think would make an incredible difference.




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