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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Future TG Arma Server Offering

    Hope this announcement finds our TG Arma community members in good spirits. It has been two weeks since we started experimenting with running the ACE mod set on our server along with an old favorite, Hearts and Minds.

    We are pleased to announce that TG Arma will be adding the ACE mod set full time to our COOP Server.

    The current mission selection options are limited to Hearts & Minds, Insurgency and a handful of custom coop missions created using our ACE configuration settings. We have chosen to use Hearts and Minds and Insurgency while we worked on how to transition to using the ACE mod set. Unkl has done a tremendous amount of work and I think he is still working to make the Hearts and Minds offering across several maps. Thank you to a few others behind the scenes.

    The long-term goal is have our Development Team, authors of our great custom content, work to update some of their favorite missions with ACE configuration settings and updated Tactical Gamer mission requirements. The old missions will be ‘re-released’ during advertised Event weekend, days and nights. After the ‘re-release’ event party, the missions will be moved to the regular mission selection. Developers and future developers, will be also be encouraged to create new custom coop missions that will follow the updated Tactical Gamer mission requirements and TG ACE configurations. Mission Developers please hang tight and keep an eye on the Mission Development forums for the updated TG Mission Requirement, ACE configuration settings and mission template etc.

    ACE mod is a popular mod set with players, for many reasons. Our expectation and intent with bringing the ACE mod set to TG Arma is to provide an opportunity to enhance or add to our tactical style with incorporating additional ballistic and logistical challenges as well as add to realism and immersion.

    We believe that ultimately it is our community members maturity and commitment to ‘keeping it real’ with teamwork, communication and tactics in action that provides the experience that keeps our regular players returning for more. In addition, our focus is to facilitate and maintain mature tactical game play, regardless of mod sets, that will stay in line with the overall community philosophy outlined in our TG Primer.

    Your TG Arma Admin Team



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