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Tac Tuesday and Friday Night Fights!

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  • [INFO] Tac Tuesday and Friday Night Fights!

    Myself and the other admins have been talking and would really like to try and get these going again. Having specific days that you can plan ahead for can really help out with coordinating getting more players together. Since it seemed to work before but has been less emphasized lately I would really like to see more people showing up on Tuesdays and Fridays, this way people can plan to take care of other business and set time aside if need be. If we can do this and start to bring more players together on specific days this will give us a chance to start planning for events and even special mission for these days in the future.

    I will be doing my best to be around at the very least these two days out of the week and would really appreciate it if you all joined me!

    Please let us know here if you have any ideas or input to help us bring this together. Hope to see you guys out there tonight.

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    Let's do this!!!!
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