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Jack Sparrow Ep 2 - Nov 10th 3PM Central - DISCUSSION

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  • [INFO] Jack Sparrow Ep 2 - Nov 10th 3PM Central - DISCUSSION

    Continuation from the Episode 1 event the events depicted in this episode is designed to be more intense and challenging than the first episode. Target rich Area of Operation and full list of objectives with the time limit will surely test the players who organize to take it on.

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    The second mission is heavier on the demolition tasks. Also the players get to delve further into the Stratis territory to take on multiple far apart objectives that are sometimes lightly defended. There are a lot of objectives and the saem limited time to complete them so usage of the helicopters to transport would be essential for success within the time limit.


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      This mission will be lead by the "steady as a rock", "cool hand" John81.


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        Default time for the operation is 1400 hours on the same day as Episode 1 events.

        Premise is that the little supplies that was on the Destroyer as well as assets have been moved to the Camp Rogain.

        Overcast and fog is random by default. All three can be changed via parameters before mission launch.


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          cool :) this ridge is my favorite part of stratis


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            Jack Sparrow EP2 Mission Plan

            This is a general outline of the mission. The plan below will definitely change once we are on the ground. The arrows indicated below are there to show the order of objectives and it is not for squad movements, except for one arrow in Phase II :) .
            For the first Phase, We will use two HMMWVs to move to the objectives.
            CAS will be available once we clear out the area around the radio towers.
            For Phase II , Helicopter transport will exfil the squad from an exfil point once Phase I is cleared. (The exfil marker below is not an LZ)
            Additional Intel on enemy positions and movements will be provided by our pilot and Co-Pilot.

            Radio Comms
            LR 50 - CO, Pilots, Team 1,2 lead
            CH1 100 - Team 1
            CH2 102 - Team 2
            CH3 104 - Pilots

            Phase I

            Overall plan

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              John81 Your embedded images aren't visible.


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                Yeah, It is not allowing me to create attachments for some reason.

                Here is the link below for the images


                Thank you intel64gamer for letting me know




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